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April 08, 2005

newsflash: April 8th, 2005

Cosmo Galactic video
Make sure you catch this video before it’s gone. It’s of a track that’s going to be on the Cosmo album due out on Domination Recordings sometime this year. And damn that track is hot - amongst the best I heard this year so far. So watch the video here.

3rd Annual Malcolm X Consciousness Conference To Take Place at Laney College
Press Release: Club Knowledge of Laney College, BAY LOC of National Political Hip-Hop Convention, Colored Ink, and Alameda College Black Student Union are proud to present the 3rd Annual Malcolm X Consciousness Conference starting on April 29 at Laney College in Oakland, CA.
The 3 day event will bring together student organizers and local activists who will decide and vote on issues most important to the African and Black Student Organizations across the state of California. Topics such as police brutality, education and the state of hip-hop are among the issues being talked about during the 3-day event.
“In order to change the conditions in our community we must organize and act,” says Danae Martinez , Conference organizer and one of the Club Knowledge leaders. It is imperative that all colleges are represented in order to organize the community to make effective, long lasting practical change.
Keynote addresses at the conference will include Chuck D, Yo Yo, Jeff Johnson (also known as “Cousin Jeff” from Rap City on BET), Fred Hampton Jr., Munyiga Lumumba, and Gail Ortega. Hip-hop, Soul, and Spoken word Performances by artists such as The Coup, Ise Lyfe, The Attic, HAIRDOO, Amir Sulaimon, and Ga brilla.
Activities and highlights include:
- A lively Debate: To vote or not to vote
- True Conscious Hip Hop/Spoken word concert
- The Children of Malcolm Awards
- Pan African Fashion Show and dinner
- The Malcolm X Oratorical Competition
The 3-day conference is $75.00 (which includes meals and conference) but scholarships + home stays are available. But you must Apply now!
Club Knowledge is group of conscious activist students who strive to manifest concrete changes to our communities through promoting political awareness, education, and direct action. For more info log on to or call (510) 997 0075 or email

Thaione Davis “April January” re-release
It’s however only a re-release for those that were lucky enough to get the original version, which came out in Europe. Domination Recordings is giving this now a US push and you may now find out what this URB’s next 100 for 2005 has been doing on this wild mix and match of organic rhythms. Oh yeah, and read the review of the original release here .

Paris Zax "Unpath'd Waters" is out.
Paris Zax is one of the most interesting and best producers out in LA right now and “Unpath’d Waters” is his first release on his own. He has worked with anybody in the book, like Bus Driver, Neila and maybe most notably Met Fly. So make sure you get that record and find more information on:

People on tour in Europe
R.A. The Rugged Man, Black Market (Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Timbo King)
April 8 - Haarlem (NL), Patronaat
April 9 - Münster, Skaters Palace
April 10 - Copenhagen (DK), Lobben
April 12 - Oslo (N), Bla
April 13 - Nürnberg, K4
April 14 - Basel (CH), Sommerkasino
April 15 - Wil (CH), Remise
April 16 - Pardubice (CZ), tba
April 17 - Linz (A), Kapu
Edo.G feat. Insight, Scaine & Jauwsan
May 4 - Wien B72 ITF Qualiying
May 5 - Weinheim Cafe Central
May 6 - Koblenz Subkultur
May 7 & 8 - spanien TBC
May 11 - München Backstage
May 12 - Freiburg Zett TBC
May 13 - Zürich Rote Fabrik
May 14 - Mattsee(A) Postkutsche
May 15 - Graz (A) TBC
May 16 - Amsterdam Melkweg
May 17 - Nijmwegen TBC
May 19 - London Ballroom
May 20 - Aarau TBC
May 21 – Sursee (CH) Kulturwerkstatt 118
Expansion Team Soundsystem (DJ Babu, Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples)
April 21 - Bern (CH), Dackstock
April 22 - Wil (CH), Remise
April 23 - Aarau (CH), Kiff
April 24 - Lyon (F), La Marquise
April 26 - Leipzig, Conne Island
April 27 - Aarhus (DK), Voxhall
April 28 - Gothenburg (S), Scratch
April 29 - Stockholm (S), Nymble
April 30 - Bergen (N), Bergen Fest
May 1 - Copenhagen (DK), Vega
May 3 - Berlin, Sternradio
May 4 - Münster, Skaters Palace
May 5 - Madrid (ES), tba
May 6 - Paris (F), Nouveau Casino
May 7 - Köln, Stadtgarten
May 8 - Freiburg, Jazzhaus
Airborn Audio
April 18 - Düsseldorf, Unique
April 26 - Berlin, Sternradio
April 28 - Dresden, Downtown
April 30 - Linz (A), Crossing Europe Filmfestival
Tim Dog
April 30 - Biel (CH), La Coupole
Platinum Pied Pipers
May 2 - Düsseldorf, Unique
May 4 - Köln, Stadtgarten
May 5 - Hamburg, Prinzenbar
May 6 - Berlin, Kaleidoskop @ Cafe Moskau
May 7 - München, Ampere
Masta Ace
May 14 - Schaffhausen (CH), Orient
May 15 - Duisburg, Hundertmeister
May 16 - Braunschweig, B58
May 17 - Berlin, Bastard
May 18 - München, Backstage
May 20 - Basel (CH), Kaserne
May 21 - Apeldorn (NL), tba
May 22 - Hamburg, tba
May 20 - Berlin, Live Demo
May 23 - Kiel, Luna
May 25 - Düsseldorf, Unique
May 26 - Zürich (tbc)
May 27 - Bern, Reitschule

Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA
Press Release: Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, California, offers a comprehensive, hands-on education in contemporary music performance, recording, guitar making, music business and film. MI offers student's access to real artists, labels, studios and managers with their "Hiring Hall" where artists and labels handpick MI students for their projects. For more information check out their web site at

Josh Martinez returns with “Midriff Music”
Canadian Josh teamed up with San Diego’an samix who is affiliated with the Cali-based Lost & Found Generation crew to release “Midriff Music” on Camobear Records. It’s somewhat of a ‘summer special’ record, not really meant to be more than that. And you can listen to the songs here:
1. Intro
2. Cheers
3. Regular Day
4. Tranzar (instrumental)
5. Come & Gone
6. Tour is War
7. Time Alone (instrumental)
8. Just a Dood
9. One More Sucka (instrumental)
10. Played Out ft. Kunga 219
11. Nightmare (Remix)

Currently played in the office:
- 2 Black 2 Strong MMG “Doin’ Hard Time On Planet Earth”
- Chief Groovy Loo & The Chosen Tribe “Got ‘Em Running Scared”
- Death Cab For Cutie “Transatlanticism”
- D Of Trinity Garden Cartel “Game Done Changed“
- Dynamics Plus “Dynamic Universe Vol. 6”
- Ice-T “Home Invasion / The Last Temptation Of Ice”
- Mum’s The Word “Constant Evolution”
- Sev Statik “Slow Burn”
- Sylk Smoov “Sylk Smoov”
- The Landlords “5-Day Notice”