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March 04, 2005

O.U.O Remix Contest Winner

In late December pH Music and Domination Recordings put together a remix contest to support of the upcoming O.U.O full length album. The label provided an acapella of the song “It’s Time” via the web site for producers to download. “It’s Time” is a high stakes tale of intrigue and adventure in which emcees Pep and Dumi Right trade verses reminiscent of duos from the golden age of hip-hop.
After sifting through all the entries and a week of careful and painstaking deliberation the panel of 6 judges weighed in with the final decision. The esteemed panel of judges included Domination Recordings President DJ Fisher, chief editor and founder tadah, Producer Extraordinaire and Domination Recordings artist Cadence, Gameplan PromotionsMr. Lawson and Pep and Dumi from O.U.O.
Domination Recordings is proud to announce producer DaSunOfGod from the 7th Dimension as the winner.

Click here for an exclusive listen to the track laced by DaSunOfGod.


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