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February 03, 2005

ArcSin's debut album to be released on Definitive Jux

we have some great news (and you've heard it here first!): mega producer ArcSin's debut album "Resonant Murk Tactics" will drop February 22nd on Definitive Jux. it's even the first of its kind: Definitive Jux will release a couple of records exclusively on their online store called Pharmacy. and the ArcSin album is DRX1.
to get a little taste of it, we can offer you an exclusive opportunity to listen to one song off the album, "Infanticide Bday Bash" (click the title)
now, you might have heard beats by the insanely talented ArcSin on The Presence EP, heard 'em on a k-the-i??? song and the Despot and C-Rayz Walz songs on "Definitive Jux presents III". but if you want to really know what he's about, you gotta listen to this instrumental album. heck, it's hard to describe exactly what this guy is doing, but he must be the next big thing, or this music world is even more messed up than we dare to think it is. so, note that day red in the calender and get that album. and watch this space for information coming soon.


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