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November 09, 2004

realwordisms: November 9th, 2004

Just one week ago Bush won. Or did he? Okay, okay, before you say anything: Yes, none of what people will find out now, none of the troubling weird occurancas will make a difference. Bush will be the president for the next four years. But did he win? Well, maybe. And that maybe is fair. Not just because of what the left wing medias report, but also what the mainstream media reports. Like CNN says: "Glitch gave Bush extra votes in Ohio".
Actually if you wanna read a good summary on things (with more links), you must read (and please do) this article: "Worse Than 2000: Tuesday's Electoral Disaster". Read this if nothing else. But if you wanna read more, then read these:
- "Kerry Won. Here are the Facts." (or here)
- "Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked"
- "Group Finds Voting Irregularities in South"
- "None dare call it voter suppression and fraud"
As said, knowing this will not make a difference. But there's people that don't give up now. The League of Pissed Off Voters actually asks for you to share your story and they are organizing Public Hearings in Ohio. Check for more information. Also kinda pissed off are the people in San Francisco: "San Francisco in No Mood for Tolerance After Bush Win" and our good friend and in house columnist Cadence (of Raw Produce) who wrote this excellent second installment of "Pack Of Lies." And finally, while not necessarily angry, but nevertheless sorry are all these people at Sorry Everybody, who post pictures, often amusing, silly but sometimes even a little touching.
So what now? Maybe you are one of those "Liberals Dismayed by 'Moral Values' Claims". Maybe because 'lying about going to war' is not included in those 'moral values.' But there's no reason (and time) to hide somewhere, because there's important tasks coming up. First: know your enemy. Therefore read about the American Taliban, also known as those Christian Fundamentalists. Why? Well, how about the problem of a "The New Birth Control Ban"? Is that enough to get you going? If not, read about "Christians See Court Appointments as Top Bush Aim", about "U.S. Moves Toward a New Conservative Era" and about how "Bush Agenda Would Add Big Costs". Or you can read about the progress on the war in Iraq: "'Cash on the spot – if they tell us where the weapons are'" and "Saudi religious scholars support holy war against U.S. forces in Iraq".


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