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October 07, 2004

recordsroundup: October 7th, 2004

Recordsroundup is the name of our section where we will - more or less quickly - introduce you to a couple of records that got to our offices. Enjoy.

Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz "Kings Of Crunk"
You wonder why? Well, there's a new (I guess European) special edition now that comes with a ton of remixes and videos. Plus, and that's a rather big plus, you'll also get Usher's "Yeah". Along with two versions of "Get Low" (one with Busta Rhymes and the horrible Merengue Mix with Pitbull), a remix of "Throw It Up" with Young Buck and Pastor Troy, a remix of "Put Yo Hood Up" featuring Jadakiss, Petey Pablo, Chyna Whyte and Roy Jones Jr. Plus, for good measure the song "What You Gonna Do" by Lil Scrappy. And as said videos: "Get Low", "Play No Games" (feat. Trick Daddy, Fat Joe and Oobie), "I Don't Give A..." (feat. Mystikal and Krayzie Bone), "Bia Bia" (featuring Ludacris, Too Short, Big Kap and Chyna Whyte)" and heck, even a couple of more. So if you don't have this album already, get it now. More on and

Ying Yang Twins "Me And My Brother"
By the way, the European version of the Ying Yang Twins album features the video for "Salt Shacker". I haven't yet dared to listen to this. More info at

Usher "Confessions"
Speaking of re-releases and Usher: His multi-plus successful album "Confessions" also gets a re-release. Bonus? "My Boo" a duet with Alicia Keys, "Confessions Part II (Remix)" featuring Kanye West and Twista, and two more new songs: "Red Light" and "Seduction". Plus all new photos and a bonus fold-out poster! Hooray. And if you're really lucky, there's a limited first print with a 3-D cover. Well, bad luck buddy if you already have this album, you might wanna shell out the dough again. More information at

Johnny Bass "The Misunderstanding With John O'Connor"
This cat is from Sweden. But rhymes in English. And looking at the artwork, he's into graff, he meets a lot of US rappers and looking at the cover, "99% of the lyrics are true...that's why I spit that real shit." I actually still have to listen to this, but I'm sure it's good. Check, and

The Talpa Caeca "Odes To The Postmodern Century"
Also from the Solid Senders camp is the Talpa Caeca. Also Swedish, also rhyming in English, and he has some intricate and dark beats. Hard to grasp in only few listens and probably needs some time to grow on you too. But something worth to check out.

DJ A-Beats and DJ JS-1 "The East Coast Invasion - hosted by Doujah Raze"
Mr. A-Beats is one busy little feller. So here's a new mix-CD to feast on, and it features him doing part one, playing tacks like Styles P "The Future", Critically Acclaimed feat. Kenn Star "Maintain", Pharoahe Monch & Miri Ben Ari "NWS" (produced by Kanye West), Brother Ali "Fire In The Eye", Nas "Disciple" and A-Beats remixes of "On Fire" by Lloyd Banks feat. Nas and "60 Bar Dash" by Sean Price. Well, this and of course more.
Part two is done by DJ JS-1 and he goes through a freestyle by C-Rayz Walz, Akrobatik, Breez Evahflowin and React, goes through "Jesus Walks (Remix)" by Kanye West featuring Common and Mase, you get Pack FM feat. Jean Grae "Freaky", the infamous "I C Dead People" by Redman featuring Biggie, Tupac, Big L and Big Pun, plus much more.

DJ Ayres & Cosmo Baker "Hip House 2"
Oh, them guys Ayres and Cosmo Baker are at it again. After the first one was a sever bliss and quite the trip down memory lane (read the review). What's good? They put more classics on there, like KZYE "Stomp", Tyree "House Music Is My Life", Twin Hype "For Those That Like To Groove" or Tony Scott "That's How I'm Living" and they mix 'em with newer versions of the same something, like Armand Van Helden & Common's "Full Moon", DJ Quik's "Sexuality". Plus they did remixes themselves, like of dead prez' "War Zone" or of "Blackalicious "Make You Feel" and they digged up many unauthorized white label remixes of songs by artists like Snoop Dogg, Q-Tip and Kool Keith. What's all good. But what's bad, that it's not as much fun as the first one, as that one just really had all the classics amongst the classics. Nevertheless, a good pick and addition to the must have first installment.

DJ Eleven "Spitkicker present The Best Of Talib Kweli"
This is a very good supplement to Kweli's album "The Beautiful Struggle" which is out now. So amongst the obligatory "Fortified Live" you also get songs like "Real Life" feat. E-40, "Redefinition" off the Black Star album, you get "Anti Love Movement On Mission" off the Beatminerz album, you get Talib Kweli and Styles P "Buck 'Em Down", Reflection Eternal's "African Dream" and many, many more songs. All brought to you by the good people of Spitkicker and the man behind the decks, DJ Eleven.

Longshot "Sacrifice"
After his really good album "Open Mouths Fed", the good people the Molemen bring us Longshot's new album "Sacrifice". The production is of course kept in house and Panik handles the majority of the boom bap. As for guests, there's only Vicious on "Powerful Gun". But who needs guests when the emcee is Longshot? Exactly. Ahh, Chicago gotta love it.

Kool Keith "Official Space Tape - DJ Junkaz Lou Selection"
Hmm...what is this? Does he mentions this in the interview? Well, if not read it anyway. However, it's put out by the good people of Junkadelic and Nocturne and two phat cds deep. The first goes through such favorites like "One Two, One Two", "Sex Style", "Keep It Real", "Poppa Large" and "Ego Trippin' 99", while the second CD features "Blue Flowers", "So Intelligent" and "Plastic World". Thirty nine songs deep and something you want to listen to, cause Kool Keith is just one of the dopest.

Rodney P "The Future"
Yes, the world is not yet too focused on UK rap. Why? Heck, there's no reason why. After the success of Roots Manuva and Skinnyman, and after the distraction of Dizzee Rascal, Rodney P is a probable next UK superstar. The album is fifteen tracks deep, features Mystro, Karizma and Olivia Chaney, beats by The Sea, Stone, Joe Buhdha, Skitz and Pepper and really good artwork. So go over to and listen.

DJ Green Lantern "Conspiracy Theory: Invasion Part II"
You may know the Green Lantern as Eminem's DJs. That's why it's always good to get his records, because you always get some exclusive Eminem shizznizz. Same here, where CD one features an Eminem freestyle, a Ja Rule freestyle for good measure, features Eminem, 50 Cent, Tony Yay and Lloyd Banks "Bump Heads", features a Jay-Z freestyle, Eminem, 50 Cent & Busta Rhymes "Hail Mary", features The Notorious B.I.G. & Cam'ron "Gun Talk" and features a ton more by FT (oh, man, where has he been lately?), Kon Artists, Obie Trice, Fat Joe and many more.
The second disc revisit another of Eminem's past beefs, as we get his "Invasion", his "The Sauce" and his "Nail In The Coffin". We also get the super lackluster Benzino track "Pull Yo Skirt Up" and a freestyle. There's a ton more freestyle on here, by the Flipmode Squad, Obie Trice, 50 Cent, Golden State Project, Proof, FT, Gang Starr, Young Zee and for good measure Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and Rakims "The Watcher Pt. 2" and a Green Lantern remix of 2Pac & Nas' "Thug Nation". Should be enough, right?

mcenroe "5 Years In The Factory"
Moving away from the Peanut & Corn imprint (only for this record though), mcenroe hooks up with the Vertical Form imprint to do this new don't-call-it-an-album compilation. We still get his homies YY, Pip Skid, John Smith and Birdapres drop by on some of the fourteen tracks, which are some rare, unreleased, b-sides and all that jazz tracks.

Shambhala "The Lotus Of..."
These cats combine buddhist knowledge with hip hop beats on an album that you may/should/must study. That's why there's an introduction to meditation printed in the artwork. Beats are done by a couple of 'who?' cats going by the names of Axiom, Munch, Damu and Young Raven. The music is very ethereal, so don't be surprised if you hear a zitar amongst all the boom bap. Songs like "African Sunflower", "The Wind" and spoken word efforts like "Full Moon Of The Tao" are standout cuts. As the promo package came with incense, the digipack is all smelly now. What's not a bad things though. Nor is this record. More information at

Death In Vegas "Satan's Circus"
There's some non-rap to talk about too. After their supreme release "Scorpio Rising", they now return with "Satan's Circus", a double CD featuring the new album, and CD two giving us old songs played Live at Brixton. You really want to check this out.


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