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October 08, 2004

realwordisms: October 8th, 2004

Oh man, the spinnsters must do overtime right now, after the Duelfer report shows that, not only, Iraq didn't have weapons of mass distruction, he didn't even have a program to produce them in the future. None. Nada. Rien. Nothing (read article 1, article 2, article 3).
Are you aware of the meaning of this? Remember, before the war, the hawks told everybody that was willing to listen, how the world couldn't wait for a smoking gun. How the smoking gun might be a mushroom cloud. How the threat was imminent (something they later claimed they never said). Remember that? (if you wanna listen to their pre-war rhetoric again, buy the DVD "The Whole Truth About the Iraq War")
That was their argument to refuse to let the Weapon Inspections to go on - something that would have been completed in a matter of months. And their complete refusal to wait was the very reason why 'Old Europe' didn't join the team. So note: the whole argument of 'preemtive' war as selfdefense is out the window. Heck, and Kofi Annan already said the war was illegal. Can anybody say warcrimes, courts, impeachment, etc?
So what are our good friends over at the White House doing? Well, "Cheney: Weapons Report Justifies Iraq War". How? Just because he wanted the sanctions to be lifted? Cuba probably has weapons of mass distructions, and if they don't, they may neither have a plan to build some. So kinda like Iraq. And I'm sure they want their sanctions lifted, right? Man, we better go there asap. Oh wait, no oil there, right? But anyway, "Bush Defends Iraq Invasion Despite Report" even though they also "Bush, Cheney Concede Iraq Had No WMDs" (while he still can't help it: "Bush Unleashes Newly Sharpened Attack" and "U.S. report says Iraq posed no threat, but Bush insists he was right").
In the vice president debate Edwards was asked if Saddam would still be in power with Kerry as president. That an interesting question. Because even though it is good that Saddam is in jail it is not enough to justify the war. Fact now is that Iraq did not pose a threat, and by far no imminent threat. Therefore the argument of selfdefense is gone. And that's the only one ever brought forward to justify this war legally. All the others like 'helping surpressed people' and all that jazz are illegal. And thus...well, you know.
So what's the consequence of all of this? "US report on Iraqi weapons deepens Arab hostility towards America". And that is exactly why this world is not a safer place (that and because of things like: "Blasts at Egypt Resort Kill at Least 19" and "Insurgents Hit Baghdad Hotel With Rockets"). Plus they are also mad because of things like this: "Sharon Aide Nixes Palestinian State".
But there's other places twiddling with things that can be end up as a WMD. How about "Iran Readies Uranium for Enrichment; UN Watching"? How about "Scientists resurrect killer genes from 1918 flu pandemic"? Oh but the US is doing the latter, so that's okay. And while we're at it, the consequences of "Lead Levels in Water Misrepresented Across U.S." is also a mass distruction. And you are drinking it.
What else is happening? Oh yeah, here's an article on Rumsfeld saying he was misunderstood: "Rumsfeld Says He Was Misunderstood on Iraq-Al Qaeda". No he wasn't. You've seen the footage. There was no way to misunderstand what he said.
So, today is another debate. The last one was a draw, people say: "Viewers See Cheney-Edwards Debate As Draw", even though I - personally - think that Edwards looked really, really bad and was quite annoying at times. But anyway, remember how Cheney said that this was the first time that he met Edwards? Well, it wasn't: "Meeting Was Not First for Cheney, Edwards". There's even footage of them sitting next to each other.
But yes, there's still a vote going on. Even though by now it's amazing how someone could still - with a clear conscious - vote for Bush. People find that "Voter registration up considerably in three key US swing states" and that "Higher Voter Registration Could Affect Election". The newest numbers show that "Kerry Takes Lead Over Bush in AP Poll", however, if you wanna believe this "Electoral Vote Predictor 2004", we'll get four more years of mayhem.
That's why you must go out and vote. And you may also get people to watch Fahrenheit 9/11. Because "The Less That See It, The Better For Bush". So please buy a copy (for example at Amazon) and make sure that all your Republican friends and family members watch it. So far the movie mainly preached to the choir. Now it needs to be seen by the audience. There's a reason why the Republican's hate Michael Moore (and want to have him thrown in jail, also read this article).
And finally, just two more articles that might be of interest: "Ethics Panel Rebukes DeLay Over Conduct" and "Senate Rejects Intel Oversight Suggestion".


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