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October 28, 2004

realwordisms: October 28th, 2004

The ghostwriter of George W. Bush's autobiography says that Bush thinking about invading Iraq back in 1999. Why? For political gain. Sounds incredible? It is. Nevertheless, it's only entering the press now. I haven't found an article yet, but I'm sure there's going to be more on this soon. That's not the only thing: Bush is also exploiting 9/11 for his agenda. At least according to Carter: "Carter: Bush Exploited 9/11 for Political Gain" (more on that here and here). This is incredible: allegedly this guy is going into wars for his own personal gains; political gains that is.
Moving on, the whole election starts to look more like a sham. Consider the reaction to the same problems in a country like Venezuela, or how a Germany would get clowned. So let's start: "New Florida vote scandal feared" (also reported here); Greg Palast is at it again, and he has incredible news. Watch this video along with the article. Amongst the troubles: Black people probably getting challenged, guys filming voters, and some stuff that's too difficult to put into one sentence and to amazing to believe. Moving on: "Experts Fear Messy, Disorderly Election", "Florida is focus of furor again" and it's now so bad that "Voters Skeptical About Election". By the way, to catch up what happened four years ago, read this: "Voting Irregularities in Florida During the 2000 Presidential Election". This is the official government analysis.
This is kinda old, but there's rumours about Bush being ill, ill as in Bush allegedly shows signs of "presenile dementia," or an early onset of Alzheimer's disease. You wanna read about that? Read it here: "A medical cause for 'Bushisms'?" (and here, and here, here and here).
In other news: John Ashcroft has mounted an effort to effectively nationalize the death penalty. (read "Ashcroft’s Dances with Death"), "White House pressed on 'mission accomplished' sign" and "US TV vows election night caution". Oh, and last but not least: "Bush website blocked outside US".


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