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October 11, 2004

realwordisms: October 11th, 2004

Another day another story to read. The voting fiasco is still continuing as the "Backup Voting System Could Cause Problems" (read this: it's incredible) and because of all that mess, "E-Voting Research Delayed, Experts Say".
That's bad news. Good news however is that "Young voters find a voice". Bad again however is that "Bush Rhetoric Becoming More Aggressive". How classy.
On the war front "Retired Gen. Franks Criticizes Kerry". Remember, this is the guy that paid Iraqi military to not fight. Oh, you never heard about that? "Smart Bribes: Centcom's real secret weapon". And just for good measure and to refresh your memory: "Definition of 2003 invasion of Iraq".
It's also interesting on how the "Administration Chooses Anti-Feminist Group to Train Iraqi Women". That's funny. But look at the board members of this organisation. Any names ring a bell? It's just shameless how this administration is giving the jobs to them and themselves.
Isn't Bush always quick to pose with the Military? So he must like them, right? Well, maybe not as much as you think he does: "Wages of war Entry-level salaries of troops barely higher than a theater usher's", "Bush administration slashes veteran’s benefits", "Bush administration mistreats military" and "This is how Bush supports our troops".
Bush is also quick to play the religious card. So you might wanna ask "Why W. Doesn't Go To Church" and how after four years, the president's faith-based policies have proven to be neither compassionate nor conservative: "Faith Without Works".
And while we're at it, "Cheney Once Pushed to Lift Iran Sanctions". Isn't Iran in the Axis Of Evil? Oh, it wasn't back then. But it's a big business and we all know that Cheney looks out for them. On the other hand, "Kerry Vows to Fight for Middle Class".
So maybe all of this is the reason why The Lone Star Iconoclast, the paper of Crawford, Texas, Bush's hometown, is endorsing Kerry: "Kerry Will Restore American Dignity". And what happens when they do this? In the country of freedom of speech, they are threatened: "Aftermath Of Last Week’sEditorial Endorsement".

That should be enough for today.

P.S. There will be some new interviews on this week.


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