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October 05, 2004

a quick update on today's post

We just heard that Rumsfeld said - once again - that he was misunderstood. Seriously. But who is he trying to kid?
Okay, for all those that missed today's earlier installment: what did he say? He talked about how he hasn't seen any evidence of a link between Saddam and Bin Laden. Read the article here: "Questions the Saddam and Bin Laden link". Now, I have heard what he said (on a Swiss radio station). There is NO way to misunderstand what he said. NO WAY. He said what he said and now he realizes that it was a serious 'oopsie' and is desperately doing damage control.
Another one doing an 'oopsie' was Paul Bremer ("Bremer criticizes troop level"). and he now says that his remarks were actually off the record and not meant for the public. Heck, that's probably what Rumsfeld thought too. So, when they think that no one's recording what they are saying, they are finally saying the truth? Or to put it different: the truth is not meant for the public? Oh boy...


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