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October 01, 2004

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Okay, the first debate is over, and Kerry did a good job. Or Bush didn't. Same difference. You can get the Washington Post's twist on things when you read "Iraq Takes Center Stage in Debate". But after reading that, make sure you also read "Debate Promises May Differ From Policies", as it's quite telling, or even hilarious, to compare what Bush said back then to what he actually did. Now, the debate of course was boring. That was no real debate when the candidates didn't have to go against each other directly. But anyway, Kerry wasn't sweating and Bush didn't look too short, so let's be happy for a change.
If you still hate Kerry, don't fret. Go to Yes, it's okay to hate Kerry but to vote for him.
In the mean time, Michael Moore faces more and more University cancelling his appearances: "George Mason U. Cancels Michael Moore Talk". There have been others too. So go to Michael's site and also visit his 'must read' section. Because that's what it is.
One of the most important issues right now are the many, yes many, organizations talking about how there are some serious and troubling aspects about the procedure. I know, I linked this article before, but it's incredible when an OSCE is ringing the alarm bell. So read "OSCE Concerned About US Voting Procedures". The British paper The Independent also published an excellent article on the troubles in Florida. Remember, four years ago it was The Guardian in the UK that published Greg Palast's research. Now it's again a British paper that talks about it. So you must read "Something rotten in the state of Florida". And share these facts with your friends. And if you think it's only Florida where some shady business is going on, think again, and think Ohio: "Desperation and 80 Pound Paper Stock in Ohio". Oh yeah, and if Bush realizes that he might loose, he can always postpone or cancel the elections. What then would be a "Coup d'Etat in America?", but hey, didn't Bush say something about 'it would be easier in a dictatorship'? Oh yes, he did: read this.
Now there's of course more happening in the world. Like "Canadian City Blocks Memorial to U.S. Draft Dodgers" (they probably didn't wanna host Bush when he came visiting it). Big Brother is watching you with a new toy: "Security blimp tested in Washington skies". The GOP is playing dirty tricks: "9/11 Panel Wants Clauses Taken Off Bill". And when the Democrats vote against the bill in order to prevent these 'bonus' clauses, the Republicans will call 'em anti-patriotic again, right? And finally the world is changing. And so is the face - or faces - of America: "Minorities majority in more areas".
Okay my friends, that was it for today. Next blog entry will probably be on some more rap news. That what you came here for anyway, right? I hope you'll still check out one or two of these links though.


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