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October 05, 2004

donfugetaboutit: Oct. 5 2004

While Bush is still traveling the country saying the same ole things - probably using the exact same cards he used in the first debate (wasn't it funny when he ran out of things to say?) - about WMD, about Saddam and Al Quida links, his good ole buddies are suddenly letting their tongue slip. Or the finally learned what the rest of the world already knows. Newest 'blunder'? Well, suddenly Rumsfeld "Questions the Saddam and Bin Laden link". Let's repeat that: Rumsfeld doesn't think that there was a link between Saddam and Bin Laden? Wow. So another reason for the war gone. The WMD thing is out the window for some time now, and Powell "Regrets Iraq Weapons Claim for War". Next thing they'll say that it had nothing to do with the war on terror. It didn't, you know. And heck, now Paul Bremer, you know the guy that ran the country for a little while, is "Criticizes troop levels in Iraq" (more versions of this by AP, Washington Post), echoing John Kerry. He says funny things like that the United States made two major mistakes: not deploying enough troops in Iraq and then not containing the violence and looting immediately after the ouster of Saddam Hussein. Mistakes? Really?
Speaking on the war on terror, there's new evidence, that "Bush's Saudi Arabia Buddies Harm the War on Terror".
Good news though is that there's still time to win this election. And many people seem to want to vote, as "Americans are signing up to vote in record numbers: report". That's good news. Bad news - for Bush at least - is that "Arabs in Florida Angered by Bush". Just as it's bad news, that those damn Brits are still focusing on those damn machines in Florida: "The machinery of an anxious democracy" gives a good introduction to the different types of machinery.
We already introduced you to Greg Palast. He was on Air America Radio yesterday talked about his must get DVD "Bush Family Fortunes". But back to that Florida election. He talked about such darling little things, like intimidated elderly people, about Republicans telling their followers to go the absentee ballot route and not to go to those voting machines - as they all work so well - and how the envelopes have the party printed on 'em. Just so that the good folks there know which envelopes to 'loose'. Heck, Florida is a mess, and it's scary that this is not a huge scandal over there. It's not even as big as Britney's last marriage.
But anyway, today is the next Debate and if you ever wanted to visit the official government page for the debates, then you can find it here: And if you want to read on another analysis of last week's debate, read how "Bush's smirk and Kerry's smile send the wrong message, say experts".
If you want to wear a funky t-shirt telling everyone that you support ABBB (anybody but Bush), there's some really good garments over here: If you're really generous, get at me, cause I'd like to get one of those and I'd be a happy opinion leader wearing them for the next 30 or so days. If those shirts are not enough humor for you today, then watch this special message from Will Farrell as George W. Bush. That was put together by the good people of America Coming Together.
Finally, and for some reason I assume you'll like this: some scientist has found out that farting can save your life. At least if you're a fish. How? Well, read this here: "Flatulent fish net Ig Nobel award".
Then again, finally finally, we're actually still looking for a catchy title along the lines of 'newswrapup' that we use for the hip hop related news for these more political updates. So if you have one, tell me at:

P.S. I know I promised you a 'newswrapup'. Sorry there's not one yet. But we got three brand new interviews on the site that you'll enjoy. They are with Chicago's Single Minded Pros and Verbal Kent and with Colorado's Time.


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