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September 06, 2004

Universal Music Rap & R'n'B Release Dates

I know you guys like release dates. Well, here are some Universal Music release dates. But note, they are for Switzerland (and Europe, I guess). So who knows what they are going to be for you guys in the States, Asia, Australia and all those other across big ponds places.

13. September - Nelly: two new separate albums: "Sweat" and "Suit"
20. September - Culcha Candela "Union Verdadera"
20. September - Lil' Romeo "Romeoland"
27. September - Various Artists "Shark Tale OST"
27.September - Shawna "Worth Tha Weight"

04. October - Jay-Z "Streets Is Watching" DVD
04. October - Talib Kweli "The Beautiful Struggle" (by the way, that Talib mixcd is dope)
11. October - Mos Def "The New Danger"
11.October - Jay-Z & R Kelly "The Best Of Both Worlds (Re release)" (why? WHY??? WHYYY???)
18. October - Redman "Red Gone Wild" (by the way, that Redman mixcd is not so dope)
18. October - Bushido "TBA"
25.October - Beanie Sigel "The B Coming"

08. November - Ja Rule "R.U.L.E."
15. November - Ludacris "The Red Light District"
15. November - Eminem "Encore"
15. November - The Black Eyed Peas "Monkey Business"
15. November - Ashanti "TBA"
15. November - Snoop Dogg "R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta), The Masterpiece"
22. November - Biggie Smalls "Duets"
22. November - Gwen Stefani "TBA"
Q-Tip New Solo Album
Mariah Carey New Album
Jay-Z "Greatest Hits"


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