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September 06, 2004

some albums to check out...

Euphon "Euphonics"
This album really sounds like something from ten years ago. The group uses the same type of samples and the same type of aesthetics. But even when this sounds like a re-release from back then, the music is still good, still appeals today, and is worth your time. So listen and visit

Talia "Whispers Of The Wind"
Okay, some people probably consider this Feng Shui or esoteric music. Heck, it may be. And when you hear that Talia is actually only 13 years old, you might really wanna cover your ears. But in all its simplicity, there's actually something (kinda good) about these compositions. So listen to:

"African Underground Vol. 1 - Hip Hop Senegal"
There are many scholars that trace the roots of Rap back to Africa. This compilation goes to Africa, to show how rap is done on the Black Continent. More exactly to Senegal. And here Nomadic Wax find a lot of artists with a lot of things to say. Unfortunately however, too often in their own language, so you might struggle to understand their rhymes. Nevertheless, this is something you want to support and we hope that eventually every or at least more African countries get their chance to shine. Visit

Mark 1 "Audiosyncracies"
This guy is from Australia. Now Australia does a lot of good rap music. And many releases (also reviewed on showed and proved. Mark's album is easily one of them, as the proper beats, the proper rhymes and the proper guests (Sankofa, Manchild, Listener, Othello, Sev Statik, DJ Shortkut) make a good album. Released on the label Obese Records, who already gave us the last Hilltop Hoods album. And you know that was a good one. So go to

Hykoo & Osinaka "Rap Songs Meow"
You should know Osinaka from his production work on the excellent Puah Hedz album releases. He has now teamed up with Hykoo. And to tell you the truth, there's just something missing here. On first impression, the production by Osinaka is just not as enticing (if that's even a word) as it used to be. Then again, that's the first impression and what do they mean anyways? Right? So check this out yourself, support Australian Hip Hop and

Ginger Jackson "Ghetto-Bourgeouis"
R'n'B is in a poor state. Even in a worse state than Rap and that is truly messed up. That's why Ginger's album is even more a breath of fresh air. With influences that go from Soul, Rap to Jazz, she's couragous enough to re-interpret and re-write "My Favorite Things" (if my knowledge serves me right), to create one of the most exciting songs on here. But that's only one of many. And if anything, her voice does sound rather young. And only the sweeter for it. More information on and

Lost Cause "Paper Cuts"
We already listened to Angle on his album "Not Quite 90 In The Head" (read the review). He now returns as one half of Lost Cause (together with Aeon Grey). And while the album does have hints of outdated 'emo-hop', that's hints and not all that makes the album. Heck, it's a Soft Focus release, and Soft Focus is a severly un-heralded camp. So check the album and the website at

Outerspace "Blood And Ashes"
There's many reasons why to check out this album. Be it that they are from the Jedi Mind Tricks camp, that they are from the Army Of Pharaohs camp or be it that their old material has been good. We however like the reason that Jon Doe produced one of their songs. So, hop on over to and check out the album featuring Celph Titled, Sadat X, Vinnie Paz, 7L & Esoteric and Immortal Technique.

Thieves "You Hold The World Like A Gun"
This is excellent electronic music. Heck it shows how good blip hop or whatever that stuff is called, can be. So check and

Single Minded Pros "A Mixtape From Us To U"
The SMP's are good. Period. And this mixtape showcases some of their songs. So listen to stuff by Kool G Rap (the new single "You Know I'm Wit It", also available on 12"), Sean Price, Jay-Z, J-Zone, Earatik Statik, Binkis Recs and Pace Won. All mixed by DJ Rude One. More info at

Custom Made "LA State Of Mind"
There's more to LA's rap scene that meets the eye. Including this release that stylistically does but does not really fit what else is happening in LA. So if anything, complete the picture and check them out at

Sankofa "Boss Like A Six Pack"
He already returns with another album. 23 songs. In camp production and only few - related - guests (JON?DOE, Kashal-Tee, Agape, Cashmere and Spon). More news at eleven or at

The Horsemen "Sleepy Hollow"
I listened to this some time ago, but can not really remember what it sounded like. I dunno what that tells you about the record too. Nevertheless it didn't strike me as wack - what nowadays is a very good sign. So check the record and the website at

Celsius "Kickin It To Hell N Back"
Again something from Australia, and another winner. This is in many ways hard, in many ways old schoool and in all ways good. Heck, they even resurface an Roland 808 for the song "Programme The 808". Now that's dedication. Listen to it, like it and visit at

Dopestyle 1231 "KutMasta Kurt presents Dopestyle 1231"
There should be more hype about this record. Why? Because it's good, that's why. Sure, the rapper is not the best on the planet, and the producer borrows a lot from Rubberoom who have borrowed a lot from Brit Core. So what? It's good. Listen to it at

"Crude Conception"
This is a compilation featuring an ecclectic number of ecclectic artists. So we find Maker, ShelShock, k-the-I????, Cills, Maliks and other people you probably even know less than these folks. But some of the stuff on here is not just good, it's really, really good. And the artwork is outworldly too. So log on to and

Des Homiz Capables "Juskobou"
You know French? Well, if yes, you'll understand what they say. If not, you'll not. Then you'll have to listen to the beats, and they are often very commercial and mainstream. Heck, it was only a matter of time before the first artists like this will surface in Switzerland. But this is still a matter of 'Support Swiss Rap', so support it. Even if you're not Swiss. Check


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