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September 05, 2004

personal message from tadah

you might wonder what happened to the last four weeks. well, I've been on the road. and on the road, I don't update

just in case you wonder where I was: I was in New York City for a week, where louis logic was kind enough to let me crash at his place. and speaking of louis, make sure to pick up his new non-album "Blame It On The Hooch", now available everywhere, and of course excellent.

after that I flew down to Orlando to stay with DJ Fisher of Domination Recordings. I was there for Hurricane Charley too, so I can say: I survived Hurricane Charley. wow.

if you do wanna see what the hurricane did do, and if you wanna look at other pictures that I took while over there, then go to Clerestory for some photographs (in the places and things sections. but there's also some new photographs in the people section; photos I took of louis logic, DJ Fisher, Majik Most, DutchMassive and Conshus and Tzarizm of Urban Jungle Empire)

we are of course working on new content for the website and should have some interviews, reviews and articles to go very soon.

in the mean time, thanks for checking the site and this blogger thing here. hope you guys had a good August.


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