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September 27, 2004

newswrapup september 27th 2004

Supastition's site back up.
After months of downtime, there is finally a revamped site (courtesy of Soulspazm Records) where you can find all of the info, downloads, and dates on Supastition releases. The site also features sneak previews of new Supastition tracks as well as updated bios and discrographies. You can check it out at
Make sure to check for Supa's "The Deadline". Production on the album was handled by Illmind, M-phazes, Dela and a few more up & coming producers. "The Deadline" as well as the first single, "Boombox", will be officially released on October 19, 2004.
Also, Supastition is officially being sponsored by 3Sixteen Clothing out of Chicago/NYC now. You can find out more details on the clothing company via the internet at And heck, those t-shirts are hot.

A.D.O.R.'s interview online
Watch the A.D.O.R. interview done by Tonya E by going here. The segment also features videos (like the "Let It All Hang Out" video.

Eminem snippet leaked
There's an official leak of an Eminem song called "Just Lose It". We of course got it too, so click that title. But unfortunately, it's not very good. Heck, it's actually quite bad.

Anita Baker's Blue Note debut "My Everything"
Check the E-Card for this album. Anita’s Blue Note Records debut is a collection of the best attributes of Anita Baker—singer, songwriter, producer—wrapped in a lush package of ten songs. Listen to "You’re My Everything": Windows Lo : Hi

Hughes Bros "American Pimp: Raw Outtakes And The Hard Truth" on DVD
The Hughes Bros. recently compiled outtakes from their Sundance Film Festival-award nominated documentary, and on September 21, "Raw Outtakes And The Hard Truth" comes to DVD in a sweet package including the never before released Soundtrack!
Experience more pimp-a-delic wisdom and thumpin’ beats from the Hughes Bros. when Shout! Factory releases "American Pimp: Raw Outtakes And The Hard Truth" in a two-disc, DVD/CD set. This contains a new DVD featuring over 70 minutes of unreleased footage, such as an entire Snoop Dogg segment, that filmmakers Allen and Albert Hughes deemed too incendiary to include in the film. "Raw Outtakes And The Hard Truth" also includes the American Pimp Soundtrack, available for the first time, with dialogue and music from, and inspired by, the original film.
Click here for clips of the Snoop segment: Windows Lo : Hi Quicktime Lo : Hi

Nelly Charts New Music History
Grammy Award-Winning becomes the first solo artist ever to debut at #1 & #2 simultaneously with "Sweat" And "Suit". Nelly joins the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel and Guns N' Roses in holding the #1 and #2 Positions simultaneously on the pop album chart. Nelly is also the first act to bow simultaneously at #1 and #2 on both the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Charts. He sold ver a million records world-wide in the first week.
Now, this doesn't make his music much better though. Then again, his new songs are kinda catchy. But they are R'n'B. Nelly is not rapping anymore: he's singing. And for R'n'B, the stuff is actually kinda good.

Ninja Tune’s news
- Ninja Tune signs Airborn Audio for the US & Canada. Airborn Audio is comprised of M.Sayyid & High Priest. Along with Beans they were the groundbreaking Anti Pop Consortium. After spending the last year and a half in the studio honing their craft they're ready to pick up where they left off with APC. Watch for “Good Fortune” to drop early 05.
- Coldcut are very close to finishing their next album, provisionally titled “Go In Stay In Tune In”. The finishing touches will take a few months and then Ninja are set to let this one loose in 2005. The album includes contributions from Soweto Kinch, Annette Peacock, Saul Williams, John Matthias, Jon Spencer and Fog. Watch this space for more information.
- Amon Tobin “Solid Steel Presents: Recorded Live”. This mix is Amon Tobin caught live in Melbourne, using the FinalScratch turntable/computer interface to mix custom versions of his own material as well as tracks from the likes of Aphex Twin, Dizzee Rascal and the Velvet Underground.
Amon Tobin has recently finished scoring the soundtrack to Ubisoft's blockbuster game “Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory”. And as a bonus we will be releasing a Chaos Theory soundtrack album to coincide with the game's release in early 2005. Amon has also written the front and end credits to the brand new Sony Playstation game “Getaway 2”. This also features music by Blockhead, Diplo and Lotek.
- Diplo “Florida” (Big Dada): Features guest vocals from dancehall superstar Vybz Cartel and P.E.A.C.E. (Freestyle Fellowship). Catch Diplo on tour with RJD2 and solo.
- Mr Scruff presents 'Keep It Solid Steel': This is Mr Scruff's first ever commercially available mix CD. With a reputation for busting out 5 hour dancefloor mashing dj sets, we figured it would be unfair to limit Scruff to 74 minutes, so it's going to happen, his very own mini-series. This first covers bouncy reggae, classic hip hop, deep soul, rare funk, dancefloor jazz, heavy beats and leftfield electronic nuggets.
In more Mr Scruff news, there's also "No Pies For 200 Yards". Combining original animation with all-access documentary footage, it profiles the self-depreciating Mancunian DJ phenomenon during a tour earlier this year. At a time when dance music is going down the toilet, Mr Scruff regularly sells out venues as large as London's Forum. Gilles Peterson, Alexis Petridis and the Fun Lovin' Criminals appear in a film that surreally flips from a VW bug ball in Cornwall to the Stockport Viaduct to a backstage encounter with an indignant West Country rave dancer. Watch the trailer here: Real Audio Windows.
- Finally some singles: Wagon Christ “Shadows”, Hexstatic “Salvador” (first single off “Master View”), Sixtoo “Body Ache Summe” (features an Alias remix of “Karmic Retribution/Funny Sticks” and another new track “Bricklayer's Union”), Blockhead feat. Aesop Rock “Sunday Seance/Jet Son”.

Sound Ink. Releases
Check for Plastic Little's “F.O.I.L.” 7", High Priest's ”Book of Keys” 12" & Baby Blak's “Grown Men” 12" produced by King Honey and Team Shadetek. All will be out by the end of October. The latter is an import only from Baked Goods who are also carrying the limited as @#$%^!&* King Honey “Plectrum” 7" from Make Mine Recs. Buy the whole farm at Spring will see a full length comp and albums by Mutamassik, Markus Wormstorm, CX Kidtronik, Team Shadetek, and Heat Sensor. All on Sound Ink.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad E-Card
To get an idea of Ali Shaheed's Penalty release "Shaheedullah And Stereotypes", check out this E-Card

King Britt's "Park Hyatt Chicago"
King Britt got a new record called "Park Hyatt Chicago" on Milan Records. And the tracklisting is:
01. Twyla - Love of a Lifetime
02. SYLK130 - For Love
03. Spacek - Peep Live Show
04. Josh Wink - I'm On Fire
05. SA-RA - Glorious
06. At jazz - Eastern Sound
07. Scuba feat. Michelle Shaprow - Angel (exclusive)
08. Clara Hill - Flawless
09. Vikter Duplex - I Got You
10. SYLK130 - Romeo's Fate (I: Cube Mix)
11. Sharkskin - Kiran's Dance
12. Anetria Wright - Feeling Of Love
13. Heavy - Do For You
14. Ivana Santilli - Breathe Inn
15. Lizz Fields - I Gotta Go
16. Michelle Shaprow - Anything U Say

Zion I's Mix CD "Family Business"
In between their sophomore release and their forthcoming LP, "True & Livin" (due out Spring of 2005), hip-hop duo Zion-I bring fans a 14-track mixtape "Family Business". A raw hip-hop record with an emphasis on the art of MCing, "Family Business" blends old school breaks and melodious loops with a taste of drum ‘n’ bass. As the name implies, "Family Business" features many extended family members of the Zion-I crew, including Lyrics Born, Vast Aire, A-Plus, Pep Love, Encore, C Rayz Walz, and Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers. Production on the CD is handled by Zion-I's own Amp-Live. For more information check

Albums to check out:
- Queen Latifah "The Dana Owens Album": This is Queen Latifah's first-ever singing album, showing off the talents she revealed in the films "Chicago" and "Living Out Loud." To hear some of her new music, visit the interactive media player at:
- Blueprint "Chamber Music": This is an instrumental album and will drop on November 2nd. This album is from the man who has produced albums for Illogic, Greenhouse Effect, and tracks for Aesop Rock, Vast Aire, & Cryptic One, and the Orphanage among others. If you're curious about what this album will sound like, then click this link:
- Kemo The Blaxican "Simple Plan": He's from Delinquent Habits and he has a solo album out now. Check for all the information.
- The Presence "Members Only EP": You may know The Presence from their past Definitive Jux releases. They have a follow up to "Advance Blood Bath" and it features Vast Aire, Alaska, Stacs Of Stamina and our man ArcSin. Check
- Zap Mama "Ancestry In Progress": Everybody knowledgable of some 'world' music will be familiar with Zap Mama. This new album features contributions by Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, Common, ?uestlove, Bahamadia and Scratch.
- Stryke "Time For A Change": He might not look like the next superstar, but his 12" was already promising (read the review). Here's now the 12 track EP, with eight songs, two radio versions and two instrumentals. More information on
- De La Soul "The Grind Date": Yes, the promos have been mailed out. It's 13 tracks deep, features Ghostface, Common, Flava Flav, MF Doom and Sean Paul. Be patient.
- The Shapeshifters "Was Here": Ah, the crew of Awol One, Liferexall, Die and all them come with another full length. Beats are by Transducer, Daddy Kev, Liverexall and LA Jae, while Slug, 2mex, Busdriver and Pigeon John drop by as guests. Check and for more information.
- DooWittle "Take A Look Around": This is actually sounding pretty good and came out on Long Live Crime Records. For more information check out
- Laze "Conspicious Absence": This is a mixcd/compilation pushed by Urban Ambiance's own Laze. It features songs by Pete Rock, Son of Nun, MF Doom, Faust and Shortee, Hieroglyphics, Tonedeff, Lyrics Born and many more.
- DJ Foxx "The Reminiscence II": For all those that still believe that back in the 90s Rap just sounded better - and oh there's no doubt about that - they all should check out this mixtape. Yes, tape. Not only does the dude have a ton of shout outs from everyone and their mom - including a really nice Mike G of the Jungle Brothers intro - he also has a bundle of Remixes and long forgotten gems, including the still kinda funky Young MC "Principal's Office (Remix)". While side A is more or less straight up major label 90s stuff, side B visits the early birds of this independent trend, with giving us stuff by No I.D., L The Head Toucha, J-Live, Raw Produce, Mass Influence and everyone else. So this tape is really, really, really good and you want to own it. Holler at for your copy.
- Mos Def & Illson Media present Medina Green "U-Know The Flex - The Mix Tape Vol. 01" and UTD "Manfist Destiny": Yes, both records are gonna drop on October 26. Nuff said.


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