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September 16, 2004

newswrapup september 16th 2004

New Counterflow release: Seven Star
Seven Star releases his album "My Mother and Father Were Astronauts"on Counterflow Recordings on September 14th, 2004. Actually the fact that it's on Counterflow should be enough for you to rush to the stores. But Seven also gets endorsements by Just Blaze, who says: "Seven took me to 92 and back about 15 times. Dude is crazy! PLEASE listen to the lyrics"and King Britt, who says "Yo "An Errors End" is incredible... Seven will take you to space with his dope beats space it out with the right vibe". This album not only features new tracks, but also includes all of the tracks from his first two 12" only releases: remixed versions of the Avatar 12" and the John Doe Lamarckian 12" (produced by Manuvers and Induce). "My Mother and Father Were Astronauts" features production by Manuvers, Induce, Square4 (currently working with A Touch of Jazz), Shift (ofClimber) and others. The tracklisting is:
1. Intro for John
2. An Errors End
3. Super Natural Tangents
4. Irate MC Remix
5. Interlude for Alice
6. Alice Remix
7. Inhuman
8. Avatar Remix
9. Clairvoyages
10. Conscious Evolution
11. Gender Affection
12. Outro for Angel

New Counterflow releases: A-Side Of Counterflow
This compilation will also drop September 14th and it will celebrate the labels short but productive and quality years of existance."A-Side of Counterflow" is an introductory-priced guide to the past, present, and future of Counterflow Recordings. Mixed by DJ Muet aka Counterflow CEO and featuring songs and remixes from Fat Jon, Dave Ghetto, Cee-Knowledge feat. Sun Ra's Arkestra, Five Deez, Prefuse 73, Tortoise, Slug and El-P, Anti-Pop Consortium and many more, the album is a must-have for any Counterflow fan and a perfect introduction for those who are just waking up to Counterflow. The tracklisting is:
1. DJ Muet - Intro
2. Fat Jon - Wood Grained Love Stain
3. Panda One - A's to Q's (Induce Remix / Fat Jon Remix)
4. Seven Star - Avatar (Square4 Remix)
5. Dave Ghetto - Love Life
6. Cee-Knowledge aka DoodleBug - Space Is The Place feat. Sun Ra's Arkestra
7. Five Deez - Sexual For Elizabeth (Prefuse73 Remix / Tortoise Remix)
8. Secret Frequency Crew - Deep Blue (Eli-173 Remix)
9. Slug & El-P - RPM Pt.2
10. Panda One - The Essence
11. Seven Star - InHuman
12. Induce, Skam2 & Dejah - Untitled
13. Square4 Presents Fantab - Pops Riff
14. Five Deez - Time Is Night
15. Panda One - She Knows Not Feat. Dena
16. Dave Ghetto - All Time Greats
17. ROM - Too Late
18. Secret Frequency Crew - Deep Blue (Anti-Pop Consortium Remix)

Counterflow's 'already in store' and 'coming up'
Already in store are:
- ROM "Into The Clouds" 12"
- Seven Star "John Doe Lamarckian" 12"
- Induce, Skam & Djah "Untitled" 12"
- Ras Kass, Pharoahe Monch & Hi-Tek "Can You See What I See" 12"
- Last Poets, dead prez & Common "Panthers" 12"
Coming Soon are:
- Basic Vocab "Our Day In The Sun" 12" (Oct. 2004)
- Dave Ghetto "The Game" 12" (Oct 2004.)
- Dynas "Blame Game" 12" (Oct. 2004)
- Goapele "Catch 22" 12" (Oct.2004)

Stealth Magazine releases the 5th Anniversary issue
The new issue of Stealth Magazine (Volume 2, Issue 9 - No. 12) is currently rolling out into stores. It is 108 pages deep with a spine, and features a CD with 79 minutes of hip hop from Australia, USA, Sweden and South Korea. The cover story is on Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and other features are on Time Machine, Illogic, Mystro, Visionaries, Celsius, Masta Killa, Bias B, Ill Bill, Eyedea & Abilities and Mr Complex and many more. The Scene Report is on: South Korea (8 pages including graf): Vandal, Afro King, DJ Soulscape, Keeproots, Garion, Venues and Labels. And there's more graffiti including the first ATOME (IBS*TFP) interview in 5 years. The CD tracklisting is
1. Ill Bill "Stealth Magazine Drop"
2. Ill Bill "The Anatomy of a School Shooting"
3. DJ Peril, NFA, MC Phrase, Surreal, Nate B, DJ Samrai "Bang Dis"
4. Celsius "Non Stop"
5. Masta Killa feat. Ol Dirty Bastard & RZA "Old Man"
6. Visionaries "Pangaea"
7. Time Machine featuring Special K of Awesome 2 "Spelling Bee"
8. Urthboy "Come Around"
9. DJ Zeph featuring Raashan "Floorwax"
10. Reason featuring Pegz & Lazy Grey "Fatter Too"
11. Mr Complex featuring Vast Aire & Pearl "Calm Down"
12. Chords featuring Promoe "Ahluhdatsh*t"
13. Word Association "Fever"
14. Garion featuring Seven "Yet Iyagi"
15. Brethren featuring Sereck & DJ Nick Toth "X-Isles"
16. Bias B featuring Ciecmate & Newsense "Boys Night Out"
17. Train of Thought "Signing Out"
18. Eyedea & Abilities "Now"
19. Keeproots featuring MC Meta, P-Type & Hyunmoo "Showdown"
20. DJ Soulscape featuring Kaknakune "Confusion"

new Xzibit audio
Xzibit's new album "Weapons of Mass Destruction” will be in stores November 9th on Columbia Records. You can get more information on To sweeten the wait, listen to the song "Mutha Mutha", which will be the first single.
Windows Media Lo : Hi Real Audio Lo Quicktime Hi

H-Peh presents "Diplomacy"
H-Peh, producer out of Germany, presents his record "Diplomacy" on Entire Volume Records (Distributed by GrooveAttack). He picked an interesting list of people from all over the place to peform over his beats. Here is the tracklist:
1. Prolog Pt. 1 feat. S-Mode (Hamburg, Germany)
2. Prolog Pt. 2 feat S-Mode
3. Snake In The Grass feat. Lootchiano MC (Utah, USA)
4. Diplomacy feat. Captain Gips & Cadence of Raw Produce (USA)
5. La Vie Suspect feat. Kohndo (Paris, France)
6. Authentic feat. Bukue One & EMC (Bay Area, USA)
7. Up-To-You (Interlude)
8. One Chance feat. Lootchiano MC
9. Yesterday feat. O.U.O (USA - Africa)
10. Ghetto Rock feat. Flashmaster Ray (Hamburg, Germany)
11. Numero UNO feat. Captain Gips (Hamburg, Germany)
12. The Dumb Down feat. Cadence of Raw Produce
13. Pscht…! feat. S-Mode & Captain Gips
14. Pushin' Pens feat. Cadence of Raw Produce & O.U.O
15. Back In The Days (Outro) feat. MC Flummi & Der Graf

Leak Bros on tour in Europe
Cage and Tame One are on the road for a little while already, but you can still catch them perform songs off their Eastern Conference album "Water World" here:
17.09.04 Chur (CH), Kulturhaus
18.09.04 Mattsee (A), Postkutsche
20.09.04 Berlin, Knaack
23.09.04 Bremen, Schlachthof Magazinkeller
24.09.04 Braunschweig, Jolly Joker

Upcoming Beyond Space releases
Expect the following in 2004 on Beyond Space:
- ognihs "us" (feat: sankofa and jon?doe)
- Escape Artists "EA3" (feat: Radioinactive, 2Mex, and more)
- Joe Rath LP (produced by Poor Richard)
- Ceschi "Fake Flowers" (Toca)
And in 2005:
- Penny 10"
- David Ramos "Jesus Taylor Thomas" (Toca)
- Penny feautres LP (feat: Ellay Khule, Ceschi, Stacs Of Stamina, and more)
- k-the-i??? Instrumental project

Ja Rule audio of "Wonderful"
Ja Rule's album "R.U.L.E." will be in stores November 9th on The Inc. Records. In the mean time, you can listen to "Wonderful", a song featuring R. Kelly and Ashanti:
Windows Media Lo : Hi Real Audio Hi.


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