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September 30, 2004


We'd like to give you some more stuff you might want to read. And we'd like to start with the whole issue of Bush's military record files.

It was basically right wing bloggers that broke CBS back. Are they fake or are they real? Well, supposedly now, they are fake. At the same time however, the content of 'em is very real. Because by now it has been established that Bush went AWOL and all that jazz. It's also interesting to see how the Democrats, the Republicans and the Media deal with an untruth. Al Franken has written a very good chapter about that in his book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right". There he compares how Al Gore and how George W. Bush were treated with their untruths. Heck, you could even go as far as talking about a difference in how the two parties use untruths. Those Swift Boat ads were pulled out of their backside. Total lies. But the Republicans don't flinch. While the Democrats are now all whiny about those - looks like - faked documents. So do a Republican and don't flinch either, but read this new article called "Bush Document Details Military Departure".

The next issue is even more serious and more pressing. Because the "Next President Will Pick Scores of Judges". That means that either Bush or Kerry will pick judges who are going to decide on issues like free speech, gay rights, abortion, etc. etc. Bush - without scruples - has resurrected the 'compassionate conservative' label in his acceptance speech, but don't be fooled. He's anything but. So what he'll do, he'll pick similar extremely conservative judges, and they'll make sure to rid you from some freedoms you enjoyed. Oh, and the dude will not like hip hop either. A good resource to watch the Judiciary process is So bookmark that one.

On some war tip, Kerry talks about how "Bush Has Secret Troop Call-Up Plan". There have even been rumors on a Draft. How would you like that? You might also wanna compare what Tony Blair is saying about how the Iraq war came about and compare that to Bush's rhetoric. Blair once again said that the initial reasons to go into to war with Iraq were false: Full text of Blair's speech. Of course Edwards has something to say about all of this, so read "Edwards Faults Bush on Iraq, Health Care". And showing that not everything is going in a 'they will welcome us with flowers' type of way, "Heady U.S. Goals for Iraq Fall by Wayside". Bush in the mean time of course plays the scare game and says that "Terrorists May Plan More Attacks". Oh really?

Now the last thing for today, and not the least important either: Jimmy Carter has quite a record when it comes to watching elections. And now he "Fears Florida Vote Trouble" (also read: "Carter Decries Fla. Election Conditions"). Why? Well, let's look at this: first of all, the Bush run state pulls the same trick they did last time. As Carter says: "A fumbling attempt has been made recently to disqualify 22,000 African Americans (likely Democrats), but only 61 Hispanics (likely Republicans), as alleged felons." Oh really?

That's however only one thing. The electronic machines that will be used have some amazing shortcomings:
1) you will not get a paper receipt showing you that your vote was counted, or how or if for that matter, that you could use for proof later on;
2) it's not possible to do a recount of every individual vote;
3) the software that operates these machines is protected under copyright laws, because the private firms that created them, say, they need to protect them from competitors. so no one, NO ONE, is able to tell if this code works, is fair, is not tampered.

That's amazing (and ever so undemocratic). And the election watchers from the OECD are now ringing the alarm bells. There's an article in German about this: "OSZE warnt vor Problemen bei der US-Wahl" (translated the title means: "OSCD is warning of problems with the US-election") and another article in English: "OSCE Concerned About US Voting Procedures". What's the official response to all of this? Well, Jeb Bush talks about 'conspiracy theories'. Oh, the ever so useful label to dismiss stuff you don't like and that allows you to not even have to discuss the issues raised. Read the article "Jeb Bush Dismisses Carter on Fla. Vote".


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