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September 06, 2004

more articles...and good music.

okay, I will give you many links to articles you might want to read/share/discuss. they are severly biased, picked by an obviously smug and elitist european who puts his nose where it does not belong. that out of the way, read "Bush's National Guard File Missing Records". and remember: those veterans in the advertisement lied.
Also, read this article "Why Vote: A Compelling Arguement Paris", by Paris (obviously). when asked to participate in the previously mentioned 'why vote?' thingy we here are currently collecting, he pointed us in the direction of that article. so read it now. and visit his website for a many, many interesting articles, and good music too.
Speaking of good music, we can not emphasise enough how good Thaione Davis' "Situation Renaissance" EP (on Birthwrite) is. So check that damn thing. And check the video to the song "The Connection". Click this link.


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