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September 10, 2004

more albums to listen to...

we don't just get rap music sent to our office. every now and then we also receive music from other genres. what's good, because there's a lot of good not-rap music out there. and besides: without 'other' music, there would be no rap. right? so check out these records:

Duo505 (B.Fleischmann & Herbert Weixelbaum) "Late"
The Morr label is one of those rare imprints where you can just pick up everything they release. And while this is not the best album you'll ever get to hear, the plush structures and the electronic vibes are pure Morr and thus good.

Roni Size "Return To V"
This album is actually pretty bad. Especially considering that Roni Size was part of the whole Reprazent massive and after all, they did do the immaculate "New Forms" album. This album "Return To V" however is boring, uninspired and sounds like something that was dated a couple of years ago. And the collaborations with Rodney P, Beverly Knight, Die, Rahzel and Jocelyn Brown don't save the record either. For more info, also check

The Innocence Mission "Befriended"
Call this folk, country or songwriter or whatever, this is good music. Very quiet, very small, very wimpy, this is probably as un-rap something can get. Nevertheless, really good music, for roadtrips, sunsets and moments where you just want to relax and listen. Check the Agenda Music website.

Blue States "The Soundings"
Hmm....let's come up with another weird Genre name...hmm....or let's just call it rock. No pop. No rock. No something in between. Nevertheless very interesting, Blue States can fit between a bundle of other groups, that we shall not name, as artists don't like comparisons. But the sounds are often big, certainly different, and satisfying for the adventurous types. Go to for more information.

Clogs "Stick Music"
There's probably no genre that can describe this record here. Clogs go from the esoteric to the Asian to the empty to the museum type background music to the everything else but nothing really. Certainly strange, certainly demanding but certainly interesting. Will be a shock to those that are used to a diet of Young Buck and Britney Spears, but a refreshing new dish for those that would also try seaweed. Check

Mugison "Niceland"
Similarly out there is this album by Mugison. And just as out there are the titles of the songs: "Patrick Swayze", "To The Bank", "Still - Song For Hippies", etc. etc.. Let the last title not be a reason why not to listen to this album though. Again, that is, if you like your art to be a little left from the center. Check and

Pale Horse And Rider "Moody Pike"
Yes, folk and country are said to be the worst of music. But there's also a lot of that type of records that can appeal to the hip and funky crowd too. Just ask Beck. Pale Horse And Rider are some of those great artists. Dunno how 'authentic' they are, but they certainly have the artwork down, with a little horse carriage wheel. And they have they style down, with moody (what else) tracks, full of those whining guitars. Check (if you don't already have)

Electric "Life's A Struggle"
Heck, this is actually Rap music. And Electric is Insight's band. Yes, band is probably the right word. You should also remember the name Dagha (from "The Maysun Project"). And you'll enjoy this music. It's intelligent, it's funky, and it's just good. Even better as so far this has hovered severely under our radar. So go check

And finally some records we got sent that we didn't yet have the time to listen to (rap and not-rap):
- Die Antwort "Ein Grund Zum Feiern" (Tonträger)
- Various Artists " presents Barracuda Astronauts" (Vitamine Source) five track EP with songs by the Vitamine Source crew
- Styrofoam "Nothing's Lost" (Morr) album features Alias, members of Lali Puna, Ben Gibbard of Postal Service and others
- AZ "Decade" (BEC) double disc installment of past and present AZ favorites, freestyles and probably the odd exclusive too. features Nas, Mase, Cormega, Common and many more.
- RA The Rugged Man "Die Rugged Man Die" (Nature Sound) finally the album. nuff said.
- Cas Uno "The Art Of Pissing People Off!!" (Labelless Intelligence)
- Thaahum "Three Feet From Gold" (Keneteph) and we will not be able to listen to it, because they forgot to put the CD into the slimcase
- Arcane "Groundwork" (Arcane) Craig Rip had something to do with this (and be it that he just mastered the album).
- Siens "Simply Hood" (Survivors)
- Greek "Smell My Talent" (Akhenation) this is the follow up to the album we reviewed here
- Time "Litterture" (Dirtylaboratory)
- The Great Potato Famine "Pass The Freedom Fries" (self released) actually here we started to listen to it, and while they have the most stupidest name, the music is actually really good.


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