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September 05, 2004

in other news...

me - tadah - I am a political person. and I'm not someone that shuts up about it. so every now and then you'll find something political on here. be it a link to an article or a frustrated rant or a book review or whatever.
heck, actually as we speek, I'm currently collecting the stance on voting of some of your favorite artists. that's still in the works, but coming soon.
in the mean time, let me share you three articles that I've found. the first one is going under the label of 'oh, how convenient', "Official: U.S. Capture of bin Laden Close how convenient" the second is just for the people that are interested in political things like this: "Changing Electoral College Not Likely". and finally the third, well, the third is just kinda...cynical? "Bush Confident of Vote Systems' Integrity"


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