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September 15, 2004

get your read on sept. 15th 2004

Okay, more articles that you might want to read. Like this one here, that talks about how a judge decided that Ralph Nader will not be on the Florida Election Ballot. But then Florida's elections chief said: 'oh what the heck, he will be on there anyway'. Now consider two things: a lot of people (rightfully) claim that every vote for Nader is a vote Kerry didn't get. And then consider that the election chief is working for the Governor of Florida, who is, well, you know, Jeb Bush. So read this here: "Florida OK's Nader's Name on Election Ballot".
If you don't have the time to look for articles yourself, then is a site you want to visit. They link to a ton of 'worth to read' material.
Oh, and because it's more fun to learn something while you play, go over to and play the Anti-Bush Game. It's a lot of fun, extremly well done, and will teach you a thing or two. Especially noteworthy is the deficit/surplus segment. That you can view here.
And then finally read a 'land of the free' installment: "Two Sue Feds Over Anti-Bush T-Shirt Arrest"


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