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September 30, 2004

touch-screen machines: and they don't work

Let's consider the implications of this: a State that is going around the world, telling other people how democracy works, faces an election that has disaster written all over it. Oh goodie. There's a lot of people already ringing the alarm bells. Stay up and read: "Despite Reforms, Florida Vote May Face Challenge". And also read "International Observers Predict Trouble in U.S. Vote"


We'd like to give you some more stuff you might want to read. And we'd like to start with the whole issue of Bush's military record files.

It was basically right wing bloggers that broke CBS back. Are they fake or are they real? Well, supposedly now, they are fake. At the same time however, the content of 'em is very real. Because by now it has been established that Bush went AWOL and all that jazz. It's also interesting to see how the Democrats, the Republicans and the Media deal with an untruth. Al Franken has written a very good chapter about that in his book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right". There he compares how Al Gore and how George W. Bush were treated with their untruths. Heck, you could even go as far as talking about a difference in how the two parties use untruths. Those Swift Boat ads were pulled out of their backside. Total lies. But the Republicans don't flinch. While the Democrats are now all whiny about those - looks like - faked documents. So do a Republican and don't flinch either, but read this new article called "Bush Document Details Military Departure".

The next issue is even more serious and more pressing. Because the "Next President Will Pick Scores of Judges". That means that either Bush or Kerry will pick judges who are going to decide on issues like free speech, gay rights, abortion, etc. etc. Bush - without scruples - has resurrected the 'compassionate conservative' label in his acceptance speech, but don't be fooled. He's anything but. So what he'll do, he'll pick similar extremely conservative judges, and they'll make sure to rid you from some freedoms you enjoyed. Oh, and the dude will not like hip hop either. A good resource to watch the Judiciary process is So bookmark that one.

On some war tip, Kerry talks about how "Bush Has Secret Troop Call-Up Plan". There have even been rumors on a Draft. How would you like that? You might also wanna compare what Tony Blair is saying about how the Iraq war came about and compare that to Bush's rhetoric. Blair once again said that the initial reasons to go into to war with Iraq were false: Full text of Blair's speech. Of course Edwards has something to say about all of this, so read "Edwards Faults Bush on Iraq, Health Care". And showing that not everything is going in a 'they will welcome us with flowers' type of way, "Heady U.S. Goals for Iraq Fall by Wayside". Bush in the mean time of course plays the scare game and says that "Terrorists May Plan More Attacks". Oh really?

Now the last thing for today, and not the least important either: Jimmy Carter has quite a record when it comes to watching elections. And now he "Fears Florida Vote Trouble" (also read: "Carter Decries Fla. Election Conditions"). Why? Well, let's look at this: first of all, the Bush run state pulls the same trick they did last time. As Carter says: "A fumbling attempt has been made recently to disqualify 22,000 African Americans (likely Democrats), but only 61 Hispanics (likely Republicans), as alleged felons." Oh really?

That's however only one thing. The electronic machines that will be used have some amazing shortcomings:
1) you will not get a paper receipt showing you that your vote was counted, or how or if for that matter, that you could use for proof later on;
2) it's not possible to do a recount of every individual vote;
3) the software that operates these machines is protected under copyright laws, because the private firms that created them, say, they need to protect them from competitors. so no one, NO ONE, is able to tell if this code works, is fair, is not tampered.

That's amazing (and ever so undemocratic). And the election watchers from the OECD are now ringing the alarm bells. There's an article in German about this: "OSZE warnt vor Problemen bei der US-Wahl" (translated the title means: "OSCD is warning of problems with the US-election") and another article in English: "OSCE Concerned About US Voting Procedures". What's the official response to all of this? Well, Jeb Bush talks about 'conspiracy theories'. Oh, the ever so useful label to dismiss stuff you don't like and that allows you to not even have to discuss the issues raised. Read the article "Jeb Bush Dismisses Carter on Fla. Vote".

September 27, 2004

newswrapup september 27th 2004

Supastition's site back up.
After months of downtime, there is finally a revamped site (courtesy of Soulspazm Records) where you can find all of the info, downloads, and dates on Supastition releases. The site also features sneak previews of new Supastition tracks as well as updated bios and discrographies. You can check it out at
Make sure to check for Supa's "The Deadline". Production on the album was handled by Illmind, M-phazes, Dela and a few more up & coming producers. "The Deadline" as well as the first single, "Boombox", will be officially released on October 19, 2004.
Also, Supastition is officially being sponsored by 3Sixteen Clothing out of Chicago/NYC now. You can find out more details on the clothing company via the internet at And heck, those t-shirts are hot.

A.D.O.R.'s interview online
Watch the A.D.O.R. interview done by Tonya E by going here. The segment also features videos (like the "Let It All Hang Out" video.

Eminem snippet leaked
There's an official leak of an Eminem song called "Just Lose It". We of course got it too, so click that title. But unfortunately, it's not very good. Heck, it's actually quite bad.

Anita Baker's Blue Note debut "My Everything"
Check the E-Card for this album. Anita’s Blue Note Records debut is a collection of the best attributes of Anita Baker—singer, songwriter, producer—wrapped in a lush package of ten songs. Listen to "You’re My Everything": Windows Lo : Hi

Hughes Bros "American Pimp: Raw Outtakes And The Hard Truth" on DVD
The Hughes Bros. recently compiled outtakes from their Sundance Film Festival-award nominated documentary, and on September 21, "Raw Outtakes And The Hard Truth" comes to DVD in a sweet package including the never before released Soundtrack!
Experience more pimp-a-delic wisdom and thumpin’ beats from the Hughes Bros. when Shout! Factory releases "American Pimp: Raw Outtakes And The Hard Truth" in a two-disc, DVD/CD set. This contains a new DVD featuring over 70 minutes of unreleased footage, such as an entire Snoop Dogg segment, that filmmakers Allen and Albert Hughes deemed too incendiary to include in the film. "Raw Outtakes And The Hard Truth" also includes the American Pimp Soundtrack, available for the first time, with dialogue and music from, and inspired by, the original film.
Click here for clips of the Snoop segment: Windows Lo : Hi Quicktime Lo : Hi

Nelly Charts New Music History
Grammy Award-Winning becomes the first solo artist ever to debut at #1 & #2 simultaneously with "Sweat" And "Suit". Nelly joins the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel and Guns N' Roses in holding the #1 and #2 Positions simultaneously on the pop album chart. Nelly is also the first act to bow simultaneously at #1 and #2 on both the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Charts. He sold ver a million records world-wide in the first week.
Now, this doesn't make his music much better though. Then again, his new songs are kinda catchy. But they are R'n'B. Nelly is not rapping anymore: he's singing. And for R'n'B, the stuff is actually kinda good.

Ninja Tune’s news
- Ninja Tune signs Airborn Audio for the US & Canada. Airborn Audio is comprised of M.Sayyid & High Priest. Along with Beans they were the groundbreaking Anti Pop Consortium. After spending the last year and a half in the studio honing their craft they're ready to pick up where they left off with APC. Watch for “Good Fortune” to drop early 05.
- Coldcut are very close to finishing their next album, provisionally titled “Go In Stay In Tune In”. The finishing touches will take a few months and then Ninja are set to let this one loose in 2005. The album includes contributions from Soweto Kinch, Annette Peacock, Saul Williams, John Matthias, Jon Spencer and Fog. Watch this space for more information.
- Amon Tobin “Solid Steel Presents: Recorded Live”. This mix is Amon Tobin caught live in Melbourne, using the FinalScratch turntable/computer interface to mix custom versions of his own material as well as tracks from the likes of Aphex Twin, Dizzee Rascal and the Velvet Underground.
Amon Tobin has recently finished scoring the soundtrack to Ubisoft's blockbuster game “Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory”. And as a bonus we will be releasing a Chaos Theory soundtrack album to coincide with the game's release in early 2005. Amon has also written the front and end credits to the brand new Sony Playstation game “Getaway 2”. This also features music by Blockhead, Diplo and Lotek.
- Diplo “Florida” (Big Dada): Features guest vocals from dancehall superstar Vybz Cartel and P.E.A.C.E. (Freestyle Fellowship). Catch Diplo on tour with RJD2 and solo.
- Mr Scruff presents 'Keep It Solid Steel': This is Mr Scruff's first ever commercially available mix CD. With a reputation for busting out 5 hour dancefloor mashing dj sets, we figured it would be unfair to limit Scruff to 74 minutes, so it's going to happen, his very own mini-series. This first covers bouncy reggae, classic hip hop, deep soul, rare funk, dancefloor jazz, heavy beats and leftfield electronic nuggets.
In more Mr Scruff news, there's also "No Pies For 200 Yards". Combining original animation with all-access documentary footage, it profiles the self-depreciating Mancunian DJ phenomenon during a tour earlier this year. At a time when dance music is going down the toilet, Mr Scruff regularly sells out venues as large as London's Forum. Gilles Peterson, Alexis Petridis and the Fun Lovin' Criminals appear in a film that surreally flips from a VW bug ball in Cornwall to the Stockport Viaduct to a backstage encounter with an indignant West Country rave dancer. Watch the trailer here: Real Audio Windows.
- Finally some singles: Wagon Christ “Shadows”, Hexstatic “Salvador” (first single off “Master View”), Sixtoo “Body Ache Summe” (features an Alias remix of “Karmic Retribution/Funny Sticks” and another new track “Bricklayer's Union”), Blockhead feat. Aesop Rock “Sunday Seance/Jet Son”.

Sound Ink. Releases
Check for Plastic Little's “F.O.I.L.” 7", High Priest's ”Book of Keys” 12" & Baby Blak's “Grown Men” 12" produced by King Honey and Team Shadetek. All will be out by the end of October. The latter is an import only from Baked Goods who are also carrying the limited as @#$%^!&* King Honey “Plectrum” 7" from Make Mine Recs. Buy the whole farm at Spring will see a full length comp and albums by Mutamassik, Markus Wormstorm, CX Kidtronik, Team Shadetek, and Heat Sensor. All on Sound Ink.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad E-Card
To get an idea of Ali Shaheed's Penalty release "Shaheedullah And Stereotypes", check out this E-Card

King Britt's "Park Hyatt Chicago"
King Britt got a new record called "Park Hyatt Chicago" on Milan Records. And the tracklisting is:
01. Twyla - Love of a Lifetime
02. SYLK130 - For Love
03. Spacek - Peep Live Show
04. Josh Wink - I'm On Fire
05. SA-RA - Glorious
06. At jazz - Eastern Sound
07. Scuba feat. Michelle Shaprow - Angel (exclusive)
08. Clara Hill - Flawless
09. Vikter Duplex - I Got You
10. SYLK130 - Romeo's Fate (I: Cube Mix)
11. Sharkskin - Kiran's Dance
12. Anetria Wright - Feeling Of Love
13. Heavy - Do For You
14. Ivana Santilli - Breathe Inn
15. Lizz Fields - I Gotta Go
16. Michelle Shaprow - Anything U Say

Zion I's Mix CD "Family Business"
In between their sophomore release and their forthcoming LP, "True & Livin" (due out Spring of 2005), hip-hop duo Zion-I bring fans a 14-track mixtape "Family Business". A raw hip-hop record with an emphasis on the art of MCing, "Family Business" blends old school breaks and melodious loops with a taste of drum ‘n’ bass. As the name implies, "Family Business" features many extended family members of the Zion-I crew, including Lyrics Born, Vast Aire, A-Plus, Pep Love, Encore, C Rayz Walz, and Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers. Production on the CD is handled by Zion-I's own Amp-Live. For more information check

Albums to check out:
- Queen Latifah "The Dana Owens Album": This is Queen Latifah's first-ever singing album, showing off the talents she revealed in the films "Chicago" and "Living Out Loud." To hear some of her new music, visit the interactive media player at:
- Blueprint "Chamber Music": This is an instrumental album and will drop on November 2nd. This album is from the man who has produced albums for Illogic, Greenhouse Effect, and tracks for Aesop Rock, Vast Aire, & Cryptic One, and the Orphanage among others. If you're curious about what this album will sound like, then click this link:
- Kemo The Blaxican "Simple Plan": He's from Delinquent Habits and he has a solo album out now. Check for all the information.
- The Presence "Members Only EP": You may know The Presence from their past Definitive Jux releases. They have a follow up to "Advance Blood Bath" and it features Vast Aire, Alaska, Stacs Of Stamina and our man ArcSin. Check
- Zap Mama "Ancestry In Progress": Everybody knowledgable of some 'world' music will be familiar with Zap Mama. This new album features contributions by Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, Common, ?uestlove, Bahamadia and Scratch.
- Stryke "Time For A Change": He might not look like the next superstar, but his 12" was already promising (read the review). Here's now the 12 track EP, with eight songs, two radio versions and two instrumentals. More information on
- De La Soul "The Grind Date": Yes, the promos have been mailed out. It's 13 tracks deep, features Ghostface, Common, Flava Flav, MF Doom and Sean Paul. Be patient.
- The Shapeshifters "Was Here": Ah, the crew of Awol One, Liferexall, Die and all them come with another full length. Beats are by Transducer, Daddy Kev, Liverexall and LA Jae, while Slug, 2mex, Busdriver and Pigeon John drop by as guests. Check and for more information.
- DooWittle "Take A Look Around": This is actually sounding pretty good and came out on Long Live Crime Records. For more information check out
- Laze "Conspicious Absence": This is a mixcd/compilation pushed by Urban Ambiance's own Laze. It features songs by Pete Rock, Son of Nun, MF Doom, Faust and Shortee, Hieroglyphics, Tonedeff, Lyrics Born and many more.
- DJ Foxx "The Reminiscence II": For all those that still believe that back in the 90s Rap just sounded better - and oh there's no doubt about that - they all should check out this mixtape. Yes, tape. Not only does the dude have a ton of shout outs from everyone and their mom - including a really nice Mike G of the Jungle Brothers intro - he also has a bundle of Remixes and long forgotten gems, including the still kinda funky Young MC "Principal's Office (Remix)". While side A is more or less straight up major label 90s stuff, side B visits the early birds of this independent trend, with giving us stuff by No I.D., L The Head Toucha, J-Live, Raw Produce, Mass Influence and everyone else. So this tape is really, really, really good and you want to own it. Holler at for your copy.
- Mos Def & Illson Media present Medina Green "U-Know The Flex - The Mix Tape Vol. 01" and UTD "Manfist Destiny": Yes, both records are gonna drop on October 26. Nuff said.

September 22, 2004 updated (sept 22 '04)

a more than proper update today: we got seperate interviews with the two Diesel Truckers: Kool Keith and KutMasta Kurt, as well as with Heiruspecs. Plus we got two reviews: Potluck "Harvest Time" and Cris Cardiak "A Rap Record". plus, I think I forgot to tell you about our last update, that included an interview with Wordsworth and a review of DJ Cip One's "Trifecta" mixcd (with exclusive Atoms Family material) and a 'review in one' review of the two compilations "Bare Skin" and "Aberfoyle Springs Vol. 2"

September 16, 2004

newswrapup september 16th 2004

New Counterflow release: Seven Star
Seven Star releases his album "My Mother and Father Were Astronauts"on Counterflow Recordings on September 14th, 2004. Actually the fact that it's on Counterflow should be enough for you to rush to the stores. But Seven also gets endorsements by Just Blaze, who says: "Seven took me to 92 and back about 15 times. Dude is crazy! PLEASE listen to the lyrics"and King Britt, who says "Yo "An Errors End" is incredible... Seven will take you to space with his dope beats space it out with the right vibe". This album not only features new tracks, but also includes all of the tracks from his first two 12" only releases: remixed versions of the Avatar 12" and the John Doe Lamarckian 12" (produced by Manuvers and Induce). "My Mother and Father Were Astronauts" features production by Manuvers, Induce, Square4 (currently working with A Touch of Jazz), Shift (ofClimber) and others. The tracklisting is:
1. Intro for John
2. An Errors End
3. Super Natural Tangents
4. Irate MC Remix
5. Interlude for Alice
6. Alice Remix
7. Inhuman
8. Avatar Remix
9. Clairvoyages
10. Conscious Evolution
11. Gender Affection
12. Outro for Angel

New Counterflow releases: A-Side Of Counterflow
This compilation will also drop September 14th and it will celebrate the labels short but productive and quality years of existance."A-Side of Counterflow" is an introductory-priced guide to the past, present, and future of Counterflow Recordings. Mixed by DJ Muet aka Counterflow CEO and featuring songs and remixes from Fat Jon, Dave Ghetto, Cee-Knowledge feat. Sun Ra's Arkestra, Five Deez, Prefuse 73, Tortoise, Slug and El-P, Anti-Pop Consortium and many more, the album is a must-have for any Counterflow fan and a perfect introduction for those who are just waking up to Counterflow. The tracklisting is:
1. DJ Muet - Intro
2. Fat Jon - Wood Grained Love Stain
3. Panda One - A's to Q's (Induce Remix / Fat Jon Remix)
4. Seven Star - Avatar (Square4 Remix)
5. Dave Ghetto - Love Life
6. Cee-Knowledge aka DoodleBug - Space Is The Place feat. Sun Ra's Arkestra
7. Five Deez - Sexual For Elizabeth (Prefuse73 Remix / Tortoise Remix)
8. Secret Frequency Crew - Deep Blue (Eli-173 Remix)
9. Slug & El-P - RPM Pt.2
10. Panda One - The Essence
11. Seven Star - InHuman
12. Induce, Skam2 & Dejah - Untitled
13. Square4 Presents Fantab - Pops Riff
14. Five Deez - Time Is Night
15. Panda One - She Knows Not Feat. Dena
16. Dave Ghetto - All Time Greats
17. ROM - Too Late
18. Secret Frequency Crew - Deep Blue (Anti-Pop Consortium Remix)

Counterflow's 'already in store' and 'coming up'
Already in store are:
- ROM "Into The Clouds" 12"
- Seven Star "John Doe Lamarckian" 12"
- Induce, Skam & Djah "Untitled" 12"
- Ras Kass, Pharoahe Monch & Hi-Tek "Can You See What I See" 12"
- Last Poets, dead prez & Common "Panthers" 12"
Coming Soon are:
- Basic Vocab "Our Day In The Sun" 12" (Oct. 2004)
- Dave Ghetto "The Game" 12" (Oct 2004.)
- Dynas "Blame Game" 12" (Oct. 2004)
- Goapele "Catch 22" 12" (Oct.2004)

Stealth Magazine releases the 5th Anniversary issue
The new issue of Stealth Magazine (Volume 2, Issue 9 - No. 12) is currently rolling out into stores. It is 108 pages deep with a spine, and features a CD with 79 minutes of hip hop from Australia, USA, Sweden and South Korea. The cover story is on Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and other features are on Time Machine, Illogic, Mystro, Visionaries, Celsius, Masta Killa, Bias B, Ill Bill, Eyedea & Abilities and Mr Complex and many more. The Scene Report is on: South Korea (8 pages including graf): Vandal, Afro King, DJ Soulscape, Keeproots, Garion, Venues and Labels. And there's more graffiti including the first ATOME (IBS*TFP) interview in 5 years. The CD tracklisting is
1. Ill Bill "Stealth Magazine Drop"
2. Ill Bill "The Anatomy of a School Shooting"
3. DJ Peril, NFA, MC Phrase, Surreal, Nate B, DJ Samrai "Bang Dis"
4. Celsius "Non Stop"
5. Masta Killa feat. Ol Dirty Bastard & RZA "Old Man"
6. Visionaries "Pangaea"
7. Time Machine featuring Special K of Awesome 2 "Spelling Bee"
8. Urthboy "Come Around"
9. DJ Zeph featuring Raashan "Floorwax"
10. Reason featuring Pegz & Lazy Grey "Fatter Too"
11. Mr Complex featuring Vast Aire & Pearl "Calm Down"
12. Chords featuring Promoe "Ahluhdatsh*t"
13. Word Association "Fever"
14. Garion featuring Seven "Yet Iyagi"
15. Brethren featuring Sereck & DJ Nick Toth "X-Isles"
16. Bias B featuring Ciecmate & Newsense "Boys Night Out"
17. Train of Thought "Signing Out"
18. Eyedea & Abilities "Now"
19. Keeproots featuring MC Meta, P-Type & Hyunmoo "Showdown"
20. DJ Soulscape featuring Kaknakune "Confusion"

new Xzibit audio
Xzibit's new album "Weapons of Mass Destruction” will be in stores November 9th on Columbia Records. You can get more information on To sweeten the wait, listen to the song "Mutha Mutha", which will be the first single.
Windows Media Lo : Hi Real Audio Lo Quicktime Hi

H-Peh presents "Diplomacy"
H-Peh, producer out of Germany, presents his record "Diplomacy" on Entire Volume Records (Distributed by GrooveAttack). He picked an interesting list of people from all over the place to peform over his beats. Here is the tracklist:
1. Prolog Pt. 1 feat. S-Mode (Hamburg, Germany)
2. Prolog Pt. 2 feat S-Mode
3. Snake In The Grass feat. Lootchiano MC (Utah, USA)
4. Diplomacy feat. Captain Gips & Cadence of Raw Produce (USA)
5. La Vie Suspect feat. Kohndo (Paris, France)
6. Authentic feat. Bukue One & EMC (Bay Area, USA)
7. Up-To-You (Interlude)
8. One Chance feat. Lootchiano MC
9. Yesterday feat. O.U.O (USA - Africa)
10. Ghetto Rock feat. Flashmaster Ray (Hamburg, Germany)
11. Numero UNO feat. Captain Gips (Hamburg, Germany)
12. The Dumb Down feat. Cadence of Raw Produce
13. Pscht…! feat. S-Mode & Captain Gips
14. Pushin' Pens feat. Cadence of Raw Produce & O.U.O
15. Back In The Days (Outro) feat. MC Flummi & Der Graf

Leak Bros on tour in Europe
Cage and Tame One are on the road for a little while already, but you can still catch them perform songs off their Eastern Conference album "Water World" here:
17.09.04 Chur (CH), Kulturhaus
18.09.04 Mattsee (A), Postkutsche
20.09.04 Berlin, Knaack
23.09.04 Bremen, Schlachthof Magazinkeller
24.09.04 Braunschweig, Jolly Joker

Upcoming Beyond Space releases
Expect the following in 2004 on Beyond Space:
- ognihs "us" (feat: sankofa and jon?doe)
- Escape Artists "EA3" (feat: Radioinactive, 2Mex, and more)
- Joe Rath LP (produced by Poor Richard)
- Ceschi "Fake Flowers" (Toca)
And in 2005:
- Penny 10"
- David Ramos "Jesus Taylor Thomas" (Toca)
- Penny feautres LP (feat: Ellay Khule, Ceschi, Stacs Of Stamina, and more)
- k-the-i??? Instrumental project

Ja Rule audio of "Wonderful"
Ja Rule's album "R.U.L.E." will be in stores November 9th on The Inc. Records. In the mean time, you can listen to "Wonderful", a song featuring R. Kelly and Ashanti:
Windows Media Lo : Hi Real Audio Hi.

September 15, 2004

get your read on sept. 15th 2004

Okay, more articles that you might want to read. Like this one here, that talks about how a judge decided that Ralph Nader will not be on the Florida Election Ballot. But then Florida's elections chief said: 'oh what the heck, he will be on there anyway'. Now consider two things: a lot of people (rightfully) claim that every vote for Nader is a vote Kerry didn't get. And then consider that the election chief is working for the Governor of Florida, who is, well, you know, Jeb Bush. So read this here: "Florida OK's Nader's Name on Election Ballot".
If you don't have the time to look for articles yourself, then is a site you want to visit. They link to a ton of 'worth to read' material.
Oh, and because it's more fun to learn something while you play, go over to and play the Anti-Bush Game. It's a lot of fun, extremly well done, and will teach you a thing or two. Especially noteworthy is the deficit/surplus segment. That you can view here.
And then finally read a 'land of the free' installment: "Two Sue Feds Over Anti-Bush T-Shirt Arrest"

September 14, 2004

newswrapup september 14th 2004

new Lightheaded 12"

Make sure to pick up the Lightheaded 12" featuring 9th Wonder and Vursatyle (of Livesavas) called "Never Square b/w Illuminate pt. 1 & Blink of an Eye" (click the song titles to listen to the songs). Make sure you check the excellent Lightheaded website here, as well as the website for more really good music.

Whut? Redman's album...uhm...delayed?
Well, it certainly has disappeared from the Universal upcoming releases lists. But in Europe you can get the "Ill At Will Mixtape Vol. 1" professionally manufactured. It features a bunch of songs, including the Eminem produced "I C Dead People", where Redman rhymes with Biggie, Big Pun, Big L and 2Pac. Now, quite a macaber but still funny idea. If it would only have been done better.

DMC/Technics 2004 World DJ Championship
Well, once again DJs competed in London to win the DMC/Technics 2004 World DJ Championship. This year's title went to the United States' I.Emerge, who is now the sixth American to win the DMC world champion title. Rafik from Germany (who made some noise at the ITF championship) got second place, while Canada's defending world champ DJ Dopey took third place.

Info on Snoop's new album "R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) The Masterpiece"
First, the album drops November 15th. Second, here are some confirmed producers: The Neptunes (on about six to seven songs), Lil Jon, Jellyroll and Supafly. Pharrell, Lil' Jon and Trina are confirmed guests. The first single will be "Drop It Like It's Hot" and features Pharrell.

Jake One mingles with De La Soul, E-40 and Beat Society
Jake One has now done stuff for G-Unit, Rasco, Rah Digga, Encore, Planet Asia, Vast Aire, Kardinal Offishall and everybody else pretty much. So now he's getting ready for the work he's done with De La Soul, that will be appearing on their upcoming album "The Grind Date". The song is called "Rock Kokaine Flow", features MF Doom, and was actually leaked on the internet. So you know that the song is good (and how Posdonous is taking everybody out on that song - what's no surprise really, cause Pos is one of those severly underappreciated emcees). But Jake did also do a second song, called "Days Of Our Lives" and featuring Common.
Jake also worked with E-40 for the "Best Of Yesterday And Tomorrow" album, which dropped last month. There you can find the song "Bust Yo Sh*t" featuring B-Legit and Rankin Scroo. And if that's not good enough, you'll find Jake on songs by Lil Moe, WWE star John Cena, and Hiero emcee Casual.
What all leads up to Jake One participating in the popular Beat Society showcase at the Knitting Factory on September 18th. Also appearing will be Seattle legend Vitamin D, as well as S-1, Fel Sweetenberg, El Da Sensei, Truth Enola, DJ 3D, and more. You can always expect surprises at Beat Society events, so don't miss out! For more information on the September 18th Beat Society event, go to

The Procussions are on tour.
And they are touring Australia and the USA. So if you live over there, you might wanna go and see a Procussions show at:
- Thursday Sept 16, Melbourne, Australia @ Prince of Wales
- Friday Sept 17, Canberra, Australia @ Holy Grail
- Saturday Sept 18, Sydney, Australia @ The Metro
- Friday Sept 24, Adeliade, Australia @ Traffic
- Saturday Sept 25, Perth, Australia @ Monkey Bar / Amplifier Complex
- Friday Oct 8th, Los Angeles, CA @ Little Temple10:00pm / 21+
- Wednesday Oct 27, San Diego, CA @ Belly Up w/ STS9
- Thursday Oct 28, Los Angeles, CA @ The Avalon w/ STS9
- Friday Oct 29, San Franscico, CA @ The Fillmore w/ STS9
- Saturday Oct 30, Richmond, VA @ Nanci Raygun
- Monday Nov 1st, Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
- Tuesday Nov 2nd, Washington DC @ DC9

Count Bass D is touring Japan
So make sure you visit him at one of these dates
9/18 (SAT) TOKYO
9/19 (SUN) OSAKA
9/21 (TUE) AKITA
9/24 (FRI) MITO
For more info, visit:
And speaking of Count Bass D: word on the street is that there's a mixcd in the works called "Some Music Part 1 (The Producer's Cut)" and it will feature a bundle of unreleased material.

Press Release: Neblina Bangs Out with "Definition. The Hip-Hop Compilation"
The world's first Internet Hip-Hop record label,, LLC. has returned to bless the world with 20 hand-picked gems by 16 different artists in the form of "Definition. The Hip-Hop Compilation". The compilation's leading 12" single, "Da Instigator," by K-Hill, has already made some noise this summer by climbing to #2 on the college radio scene (and it's reviewed here). Other artists included on this mix-mash of the underground include Chapter 13, L.E.G.A.C.Y., E.A.F. (of the Justus League), Forge & Amen, Eternia (check out her solid appearance on Freestyle's "Etched in Stone"), and Spectac. Production will be handled by Little Brother's own 9th Wonder, Khrysis (Masta Ace, Jean Grae), Nick tha 1nda, DJ Resident, and DJ Forge... "
Neblina plans to bring "Definition." in with a bang at their album release party October 16th, featuring K-Hill, EAF, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Splash, Mercury Waters, and more. Other scheduled events include radio listening parties on WKNC 88.1 FM (NC), other NC college radio stations, WHCR 90.3 FM's (NYC) Sugatreats show with DJ Ohsokool, and a MC battle/show in early November hosted by Eddie Owens of Power 98 FM (Charlotte, NC).
Available October 19th, 2004 at as well as For more information visit

Diesel Truckers (Kool Keith & Kutmasta Kurt) are on tour through Europe
So check 'em out at these dates:
13.10 aarau (CH) - K.i.f.f
14.10 Hamburg - Waagenbau
16.10 Köln - Herbrands
17.10 Bremen - Modernes
20.10 Den hague (NL) - Culturel Stichting
21.10 Deventer (NL ) - Bourgewouse
22.10 Zürich (CH)- Rote Fabrik
23.10 Leipzig - Bounce
24.10 Heidelberg - Karlstorbahnhof
29.10 Wuppertal - Butan
30.10 Huesca (SP) - Perifereas Festival

Culturama Video Festival 3 Year Anniversary
-- FRIDAY, Sept. 17th:
The Culturama Rap Music Video Festival 3rd Anniversary Screening!
MIDNITE SCREENING: Laemmle Theatre (
7907 Beverly Blvd. (on the corner of Fairfax/Beverly Blvd.; down the street from Fat Beats on Melrose, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California)
Admission: $5.00 - All Ages
We will be showing music videos and more from the likes of Madvillain, Prince Paul, Aceyalone, Ab Rude, 2Mex, PUTS, J.Rawls, Sole, Circus, Themselves (Anticon), Mr. Lif, El-P, Mars Ill, King Solomon, Prophetix, Nelia, Ellay Khule, Pep Love, Diverse feat. Lyrics Born & RJD2, Zimbabwe Legit and more!
-- Special Pre-Show Meet, Greet, Drink: The Dime (bar); 442 North Fairfax Ave. (b/w Melrose & Beverly Blvd.); 9pm-Midnite; Friday, Sept. 17th. Start spreading the news if you're in the greater L.A. area, should be a really good show, with lots of Rap guests, surprises and exclusive merchandise for that show only!
-- SATURDAY, Sept. 18th:
The Culturama Rap Music Video Festival@ The Toofy Film Fest `04
West End Tavern (at rooftop bar) ; 926 Pearl St.Boulder, Colorado
Admission: $6.00
7:00pm - 8:00pm Free Beer
8:30pm Culturama Rap Music Video Festival
10:00pm-11:00pm Free Beer
10:30pm Soundz of Spirit (film)
12:00am DJ Vajra (USA DMC finalist 2001 & 2002)
Clean Colorado night air, free beer and Culturama music videos! What more could you ever ask for? Really. Should be an interesting and entertaining event for all.
More info:

"Hooked" give away

You can win the "Hooked - The Legend Of Demetrius 'Hook' Mitchell" DVD or a t-shirt on
The DVD is about Hook, who's a streetball legend from Oakland who grew up with Jason Kidd, Gary Payton and other NBA Stars. At 5'9", he built his legendary street status by jumping over the top of a Volkswagon and slam dunking a basketball. Gary Payton asserts, "he was better than me, he was better than Jason (Kidd), Antonio (Davis), he was better than everybody." But while Hook's childhood friends, Gary, Jason, Antonio, Brian Shaw, J.R. Rider and Greg Foster all ended up playing basketball in the NBA, Hook ended up incarcerated. From the drug and crime infested streets of West Oakland to the California Men's Penal Colony, 'Hook' made all the wrong choices. The story of how 'Hook'wound up incarcerated, while the buddies he grew up with skyrocketed to superstardom with multi-million dollar salaries, is told in this poignant tale of a life gone wrong. 'Hook' Mitchell is the greatest basketball player to never make it to the NBA.
Watch the trailer: Window Media: High - Low Real Audio: High - Low

September 13, 2004 updated (sept 13 '04)

finally we got us another update over at there you can now find interviews with capital D (of All Natural) and DJ Mafioso outta Atlanta. there you can now also find an article written by Sankofa called "Following and Leading" as well as a review of Masta Ace's new album "A Long Hot Summer". And we're - of course - working on a lot of things right now, so there's more coming up.
When done looking at those updates, check out this Big Brother is watching you article called "Chicago Mayor Unveils Surveillance Plan" and read about how "Shaq Settles Some Scores in New Rap Song"

September 11, 2004

newswrapup september 11th 2004

Dr. Dre and Burt Bacharach....interesting
Dr. Dre and legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach are working on an album together. Now, in case you don't know who Burt is, he wrote songs like "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," "What's Love Pussycat", "The Look Of Love" (as performed by Isaac Hayes and sampled to death by people like Da Beatminerz) and "Walk On By" (equally often sampled). It will be very interesting to see what the two can come up with. And if it will be more Dre or more Burt.

?uestlove and King Britt behind the wheels
Watch ?uestlove and King Britt get a drivers license. Scion filmed themselves a little documentary. You can get it here.

New Karma Response compilation
The good people of the Karma Response Unit present "The Hogan Fam", which will drop September 21st. The tracklisting reads very well and goes like this:
1 - Let's All Get Bent - 40th Dimension (prod. by Happ G)
2 - Who The Fu*k Are You? - Louis Logic (prod. by Cimer Amor)
3 - Sound The Horns Pt. 2 - Reef the Lost Cauze (prod. by Happ G, cuts by DJ Statik)
4 - That's Right Boy - Snuff (prod. by Snuff)
5 - Take It Up A Notch - Jake Lefco ft. Scandal of 40D (prod. by Happ G)
6 - I Just Wanna Rhyme - Fowlmowf (prod. by Happ G)
7 - Strength Of Mind - The Flight Brothers ft. J.J. Brown (prod. by Emynd)
8 - Live At The Party - 40th Dimension (prod. by Dr. Noh)
9 - Zip It (remix) - 40D ft. Starvin Marvin and Greedy Gretch (prod. by Happ G)
10 - HappGeez Is On The Beatbox - Side Effect
11 - Since I Am Dead - Adam 12 (prod. by Adam 12, cuts by DJ Panek)
12 - So Damn Hype - Snuff (prod. by Snuff, cuts by Snuff)
13 - Old Hate - Uncle T (prod. by Happ G)
14 - Philly Bloodline - Briz ft. Uncle T and Scandal of 40D (prod. by Happ G)
15 - Skeet Shoot - Snuff (prod by Snuff)
16 - Ripamuthafu*kanite - Jake Lefco ft. Reef (prod. by Happ G, cuts by DJ Panek)
17 - Bakers Dozen - The Hogan Fam (Reef the lost Cauze, Uncle T, Scandal, O-D-D, R-Son, Luce Leif, Greedy Gretch, Snuff, Jake Lefco, Kenneth Masters) (prod. by Happ G)

Further, Snuff's "The D.S.O.D. (Drunk Spaniard On Deck" will drop October 12th. The self produced debut solo album from Snuffman includes "Countdown", used as the opening theme music for MTV2's "Video Honeys" and recently reviewed in URB Magazine. It also features appearances by Scandal of 40th Dimension and Aul Purpis of Prophets Of The Ghetto.

New Jazz to listen to: Ayelet Rose Gottlieb
You can see her live Thursday, September 23rd, 2004, 7pm at The Triad Music; Cover: 10$; Reservations: 212-787-7921 or; Doors open at 6:30pm. And if not there, then you can get Ayelet's debut album "InTernal-ExTernal" on Genevieve Records. The press release describes the album as: "In this disc, Jerusalem born Gottlieb presents a diverse range of musical approaches, from free improvisations inspired by the words and colors of painter Wassily Kandinsky, to robust compositions flavored with Middle Eastern sounds and erotic Biblical texts."
Ayelet Rose Gottlieb's new release "InTernal- ExTernal" is now available on and

More Jazz to listen to: Larry Chernicoff
The first impression is that this jazz (as opposed to the one by Ayelet) is a little more straight forward. That however didn't stop it from taking prize in the third annual Surround Music Awards. His album "October" was named 'Best Made for Surround Title' of the year. The award was presented to Larry by rock legend Peter Frampton, in a ceremony that also honored surround sound releases by the Rolling Stones, Herbie Hancock, Beck, Peter Frampton, Elton John, and others. The winners were selected by a panel of 75 expert judges. Chernicoff's award goes to the most outstanding recording which was created from its inception with multi-channel in mind, and never previously released in any other format.
The press release continues to describe the album: ""October" features original jazz/classical fusion compositions performed by Larry and his Windhorse large ensemble. October is a hybrid multi-channel SACD, playable on any standard CD player,and also on SACD 5.1 surround-sound players and home theater systems. Chernicoff's music combines the warm sounds of 'orchestral' instruments with the dynamic of jazz improvisation and passages of meditative calm."
October is available on the web exclusively at

Press Release: International Songwriting Competition: Six Weeks Left to Enter Your Songs
Now accepting entries for 2004. To download an entry form or to enter online, please visit ISC has partnered with the following companies to provide our entrants with these really great services:
All entrants will receive a free one-year membership to Hit Quarters
Sonicbids is offering all ISC online entrants a 6-month membership
Mixdown Media Network is offering to send out your latest music and artist news for $22.95 (reg. price $29.95). Reach over 8 million readers through their vast media network. Visit for more info.
The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is an annual songwriting contest whose mission is to provide the opportunity for both aspiring and established songwriters to have their songs heard in a professional, international arena. ISC is designed to nurture the musical talent of songwriters on all levels, and promote excellence in the art of songwriting. Amateur and professional songwriters and musicians are invited to participate. ISC has the most prestigious panel of judges of all the songwriting contests in the world, offering exposure and the opportunity to have your songs heard by the most influential decision-makers in the music industry. Deadline for submission is October 15, 2004.
2004 Judges: Monte Lipman (President, Universal Records); Bo Diddley; Sean “P. Diddy” Combs; Macy Gray; Aaron Lewis (Staind); John Ondrasik (Five For Fighting); Taj Mahal; Clint Black; David Hidalgo (Los Lobos); Branford Marsalis; Darryl McDaniels (Run D.M.C.); Peter Furler (Newsboys); Sully Erna (Godsmack); Stacey Earle; Scott Kirkland (The Crystal Method); Michael Gudinski (Chairman, Mushroom Group of Companies); Alan Meltzer (CEO, Wind-Up Records); Tara Griggs-Magee (Executive VP Gospel/Urban Music, Sony Records); Michael McDonald (President, ATO Records); Tracy Gershon (Sr. Dir A&R/Artist Dev, Sony Records Nashville); Chris Parr (VP of Music Programming & Talent Relations, CMT); Peter Asher (Co-President, Sanctuary Artist Management); Kim Stephens (VP A&R, Lava Records); Barbara Sedun (VP Creative, EMI Music Publishing Canada) and Leib Ostrow (CEO, Music For Little People).
2004 Categories: AAA/Roots/Americana, Dance/Electronica, Jazz, R&B/Hip-Hop, Blues, Folk/Singer-Songwriter, Lyrics Only, Rock, Children's Music, Gospel/Christian, Performance, Teen, Country, Instrumental, Pop/Top 40, and World Music.

Wu-Tang DVD to be released.
The Wu-Tang Clan regrouped for a historic performance in California (Recorded Live in San Bernadino, CA on July 17, 2004). That was captured on film and will now be released on a DVD on Sanctuary Records. It's called "Disciples Of The 36 Chambers and drops October 5th. The DVD tracklisting is as follows
1. Bring Da Ruckus
2. Da Mystery of Chessboxin'
3. Clan in Da Front
4. C.R.E.A.M.
5. Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' Ta F' Wit
6. Shame on a Nigga
7. Ghost Deini
8. Re-United
9. Duel of the Iron Mic
10. For Heaven's Sake
11. Criminology
12. Incarcerated Scarfaces
13. Brooklyn Zoo
14. (TBD)
15. Bring the Pain
16. It's Yourz
17. Liquid Swords
18. One Blood Under W
19. Ice Cream
20. Triumph
21. Da Rockwilder
22. Cherchez Laghost
23. Careful
24. Hood
25. Run
26. Run
27. Tearz
28. Method Man
29. Dog Shit
30. Shimmy Shimmy Ya
31. Y'All Been Warned
32. 4th Chamber
33. Gravel Pit
34. Thang Thang

September 10, 2004

more albums to listen to...

we don't just get rap music sent to our office. every now and then we also receive music from other genres. what's good, because there's a lot of good not-rap music out there. and besides: without 'other' music, there would be no rap. right? so check out these records:

Duo505 (B.Fleischmann & Herbert Weixelbaum) "Late"
The Morr label is one of those rare imprints where you can just pick up everything they release. And while this is not the best album you'll ever get to hear, the plush structures and the electronic vibes are pure Morr and thus good.

Roni Size "Return To V"
This album is actually pretty bad. Especially considering that Roni Size was part of the whole Reprazent massive and after all, they did do the immaculate "New Forms" album. This album "Return To V" however is boring, uninspired and sounds like something that was dated a couple of years ago. And the collaborations with Rodney P, Beverly Knight, Die, Rahzel and Jocelyn Brown don't save the record either. For more info, also check

The Innocence Mission "Befriended"
Call this folk, country or songwriter or whatever, this is good music. Very quiet, very small, very wimpy, this is probably as un-rap something can get. Nevertheless, really good music, for roadtrips, sunsets and moments where you just want to relax and listen. Check the Agenda Music website.

Blue States "The Soundings"
Hmm....let's come up with another weird Genre name...hmm....or let's just call it rock. No pop. No rock. No something in between. Nevertheless very interesting, Blue States can fit between a bundle of other groups, that we shall not name, as artists don't like comparisons. But the sounds are often big, certainly different, and satisfying for the adventurous types. Go to for more information.

Clogs "Stick Music"
There's probably no genre that can describe this record here. Clogs go from the esoteric to the Asian to the empty to the museum type background music to the everything else but nothing really. Certainly strange, certainly demanding but certainly interesting. Will be a shock to those that are used to a diet of Young Buck and Britney Spears, but a refreshing new dish for those that would also try seaweed. Check

Mugison "Niceland"
Similarly out there is this album by Mugison. And just as out there are the titles of the songs: "Patrick Swayze", "To The Bank", "Still - Song For Hippies", etc. etc.. Let the last title not be a reason why not to listen to this album though. Again, that is, if you like your art to be a little left from the center. Check and

Pale Horse And Rider "Moody Pike"
Yes, folk and country are said to be the worst of music. But there's also a lot of that type of records that can appeal to the hip and funky crowd too. Just ask Beck. Pale Horse And Rider are some of those great artists. Dunno how 'authentic' they are, but they certainly have the artwork down, with a little horse carriage wheel. And they have they style down, with moody (what else) tracks, full of those whining guitars. Check (if you don't already have)

Electric "Life's A Struggle"
Heck, this is actually Rap music. And Electric is Insight's band. Yes, band is probably the right word. You should also remember the name Dagha (from "The Maysun Project"). And you'll enjoy this music. It's intelligent, it's funky, and it's just good. Even better as so far this has hovered severely under our radar. So go check

And finally some records we got sent that we didn't yet have the time to listen to (rap and not-rap):
- Die Antwort "Ein Grund Zum Feiern" (Tonträger)
- Various Artists " presents Barracuda Astronauts" (Vitamine Source) five track EP with songs by the Vitamine Source crew
- Styrofoam "Nothing's Lost" (Morr) album features Alias, members of Lali Puna, Ben Gibbard of Postal Service and others
- AZ "Decade" (BEC) double disc installment of past and present AZ favorites, freestyles and probably the odd exclusive too. features Nas, Mase, Cormega, Common and many more.
- RA The Rugged Man "Die Rugged Man Die" (Nature Sound) finally the album. nuff said.
- Cas Uno "The Art Of Pissing People Off!!" (Labelless Intelligence)
- Thaahum "Three Feet From Gold" (Keneteph) and we will not be able to listen to it, because they forgot to put the CD into the slimcase
- Arcane "Groundwork" (Arcane) Craig Rip had something to do with this (and be it that he just mastered the album).
- Siens "Simply Hood" (Survivors)
- Greek "Smell My Talent" (Akhenation) this is the follow up to the album we reviewed here
- Time "Litterture" (Dirtylaboratory)
- The Great Potato Famine "Pass The Freedom Fries" (self released) actually here we started to listen to it, and while they have the most stupidest name, the music is actually really good.

finally a Single Minded Pro's album

And it's called "From Now On". Just for those that don't know, the Single Minded Pros (DJ Rude & Doc West) are a two man DJ/production crew hailing from the windy city of Chicago. To date they’ve released 2 critically acclaimed 12” singles, presided over the turntables on the nationally televised Jenny Jones Show and been tapped by Urb Magazine and placed into their “Next 100” for 2003.
S.M.P.’s debut, "From Now On" (which will be released on 10-19-04), is a production album headlined by some of the heaviest hitters in underground hip hop; Kool G. Rap, Pace Won, Mr Lif, Akrobatik, louis logic, C-Rayz Walz, J.U.I.C.E., Breez Evahflowin, Binkis, and more. And as DJ Rude One explains, "From Now On" is a four year vision that has finally been realized and one that has been intricately constructed “One day we were sitting around talking about all the emcees that we’d like to collaborate with and we each made a list. Then we pared it down to the ones we actually thought we had a realistic chance with and started reaching out from there. We DJ at a lot of shows in Chicago so we’d hook up with cats as they’d pass through town or just show up on their doorsteps one day like we did with Kool G. Rap.”

The final track listing for From Now On is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Dumb Hot f/ J.U.I.C.E.
3. Feels So Good f/Pacewon & Earatik Statik
4. U Know I’m Wit’ It f/Kool G Rap
5. Over The Cuckoo’s Nest f/Louis Logic
6. Kaboom f/Binkis Recs
7. Who’s Fucking With This f/C Rayz Walz, Breez Evahflowin & J.U.I.C.E
8. Interlude
9. Night Strokes f/Rubberoom
10. Death Bells f/Shabaam Sahdeeq
11. Devil’s Masquerade f/Monkey Wrench Factory
12. Interlude
13. Before You Know It f/Earatik Statik
14. This Is A Test f/Mr. Lif
15. You Know Its Like That f/Pacewon
16. Chicago Emcees f/Profound & Iomos Marad
17. Torture Chamber f/Akrobatik

Jedi Mind Tricks: new album and tour

Jedi Mind Tricks will release their fourth album, “Legacy of Blood,” (album teaser) on September 21st on Babygrande Records. The follow up to 2003's “Visions of Gandhi” hits stores September 21st and features guest appearances from GZA (of Wu-Tang), Killah Priest, Sean Price, and more. "Legacy of Blood" aspires to make a record balanced between the soundscapes of "Violent By Design" and "Visions of Gandhi", and return the music back to the Jedi Mind Tricks foundation forged by Vinnie Paz’s fiery vocals and Stoupe’s dark, orchestral beats. “Legacy Of Blood definitely represents more of a return to the ‘Violent By Design’ sound,” says Vinnie, “Visions Of Gandhi was our first studio record and I think the sound quality shocked fans that were used to our dirty, handmade sound. We learned from "Visions of Gandhi" and put that into "Legacy Of Blood".”
To commemorate the release of "Legacy of Blood", Jedi will be embarking upon an extensive national Fall 2004 tour, supported by buzzing Babygrande labelmates 7L & Esoteric and Outerspace.

w/ 7L and Esoteric & Outerspace

09/26/04 - Chicago, IL - The Abbey
09/27/04 - Minneapolis, MN - Ascot Room
09/29/04 - Boulder, CO - Boulder Theatre
09/30/04 - Fort Collins, CO - Aggie Theatre
10/01/04 - Colorado Spring, CO - 32 Blue
10/02/04 - Salt Lake City , UT - Lofi Café
10/04/04 - Eugene, OR - WOW Hall
10/05/04 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
10/07/04 - San Francisco, CA - Independent
10/08/04 - Hollywood, CA - Knitting Factory
10/09/04 - San Diego, CA - Brick by Brick
10/10/04 - Phoenix, AZ - Old Brickhouse
10/12/04 - Alburquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater
10/15/04 - San Antonio, TX - The Sanctuary
10/16/04 - Austin, TX - Emo’s
10/19/04 - New Orleans, LA - The Parish@ House of Blues
10/27/04 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Loft
10/28/04 - Northampton, MA - Pearl Street
10/29/04 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East
10/31/04 - Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero

September 09, 2004

news on Eminem's album "Encore"

The album "Encore" will have a limited first edition, with special packaging, the album, a picture to each of the eighteen songs, with the lyrics printed on the back, and a bonus CD with three songs that were leaked last winter (here's an album teaser). The first single will be "Just Lose It" and should drop around September 20th. [Here we had to delete some information about a second song that is political and in the vein of "Fahrenheit 9/11" (in intention and content). Well, more news later.]
Now, in that vein, check out "Bush by numbers: Four years of double standards" by Graydon Carter.

new mixtape from Brooklyn by DJ G. Brown and PF Cuttin

After an positive response to his "Pure Fiya Volume 3: Rude Boyz", DJ G. Brown is back with exclusive remixes and freestyles on the 2nd edition of his "International Hustlers" series! Teamed with PF Cuttin, G. Brown puts his touch on tracks from Biggie, Fat Joe, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, Vybz Cartel, Ghostface and more!

Here is the full tracklist for "International Hustlers Volume 2":

1. International Hustlers Intro
2. Notorious BIG - Who Shot Ya 2004 (G. Brown Remix)
3. Fat Joe ft. Big Pun - Lean Back pt. 2 (G. Brown Remix)
4. Young Buck ft. 50 Cent - Let Me In (G. Brown Remix)
5. Masta Killa, ODB & Thirstin Howl Freestyle
6. Shyne - The Godfather
7. Freeway & Joe Budden - Ride Up (PF Remix)
8. Mobb Deep - When You Hear the
9. Brand Nubian - Slow Down 2K4
10. Lloyd Banks - I'm So Fly (G. Brown Remix)
11. Grandmaster Flash ft. Notorious BIG & Jay Z - The Message 2004 (G. Brown Remix)
12. Fat Joe ft Big L & Big Pun - Bring Em Back
13. Vybz Cartel ft. Shyne & Kool G. Rap - Dangerous pt. 2 (G. Brown Remix)
14. Krumbsnatcha ft. Styles P. - Bang Bang
15. Rza Interlude
16. ODB - Lift Ya Skirt
17. Fat Joe ft Mase & Eminem - Lean Back Pt. 3 (G. Brown Remix)
18. Mobb Deep ft. Lil John - Real Gangstas
19. Jay Z - Tennis Anyone? (S.Carter)
20. Mobb Deep - We Don't Love Them
21. 2Pac ft. Jadakiss - Hail Mary II (G. Brown Remix)
22. Ghostface - Holla Back (G. Brown Remix)
23. Lloyd Banks, Eminem, 50 Cent and Nate Dogg - Warrior pt. 3(G. Brown Remix)
24. AZ Interlude
25. AZ ft. Tego Calderon & Tony Sunshine - Talkin (G. Brown Remix)
26. Notorious BIG & 50 Cent - Flawless Victory(PF Remix)
27. Nas - Thief's Theme (PF Remix)
28. Ike Eyes Freestyle
29. Tego Calderon Freestyle
30. Foxy Brown & Gravy Freestyle
31. Lil Kim - Gangsta
32. Jadakiss ft. P'Cise - By Your Side Remix
33. Shyne Interlude
34. Shyne - For the Record (50 Cent Diss)

DJ Krush drops 8th solo album "Jaku"

September 7th marks the release of legendary producer DJ Krush’ eighth solo album, "Jaku" (Red Ink/Sony). With "Jaku", the 41-year-old Krush shows an ambitious fusion of post-hip-hop beats and traditional Japanese music. His eighth solo album contemplates serenity in the chaos of the modern world, even as it cold-cocks the headz with readymade club-bangers. Def Jux's quick-tongued front-liners Aesop Rock and Mr. Lif interact with shakuhachi (wooden flute) and koto (Japanese strings) players under the global banner of hip-hop, making for one of the most personal statements of the DJ/producer's career.

Slam Bush...compete for $5000

Slam Bush is looking for a national champion; someone whose voice could represent Hip Hop in a face-to-face debate against the President, either in the streets or behind the podium. Starting in August, local Slam Bush battles will be held around the country. At these events, ground breaking slam poets and battle MCs will bang on Bush for local championships and cash prizes.
Winners from across the country will be selected to attend the National Slam Bush Championship in late September to perform in front of some of Hip Hop’s most respected names. The Slam Bush Champ will be awarded a Grand Prize of $5000. Judges of the event include Chuck D, Davey D, Supernatural and Wordsworth. Who recorded an exceptionally well made video himself, giving an idea of what the organizers are looking for. You can watch the video here.
The website also offers Anti-Bush Ammo. And if that's not enough, read these articles: "World Wants Bush Out of the White House: Poll" and "Memos Show Bush Suspended From Flying"

September 08, 2004

Scion:Next Up! Competition. Cast your vote.

The "Scion:Next Up" competition is up and running. Out of 950 submitted entries, Just Blaze, radio mixshow host Eric Cubiche and music executive Bryan Leach chose the ten finalist. They include people you have never heard of, but also R.A. The Rugged Man (his album is just about ready to drop on Nature Sound) and our friend Eddie Meeks from Prophetix. The winner will get a video and performances at Scion events. And you can choose who's going to win (and win over $12,000 in prizes in the process), by going to and by casting your vote.

September 07, 2004

big brother is watching you...

I hope you realize that big companies are trying everything to watch you, what you do, and how the hell they can get you to buy more, more, mooooorrrreeeee....
so note that this article doesn't talk about something that will eventually be good for you. oh no, this does nothing good for you. apart from making you even more traceable and tells the big company stuff that is none of their business. man, we're so at the brink of 1984, like it's 1983.
so read "Drug Makers Take Aim at Counterfeiting".

european tourdates: louis logic, j-zone, breakestra, others.

J-Zone, louis logic, Vakill
1 - Manchester (UK), Cmon Feet
2 - Haarlem (NL), Patronaat
3 - Nijmegen (NL), Goudvishal
6 - Copenhagen (DK), Loppen
7 - Liverpool (UK), tbc
8 - Madrid (ES), Sol
9 - Sevilla (ES), tba
10 - Düsseldorf, Unique
12 - Trier, Exhaus
13 - Weinheim, Cafe Central
14 - Kassel, Spot
15 - Aarhus (DK), tba
16 - Oslo (N), Fabrikken
17 - Stockholm (S), Lydmar
19 - Berlin, Bastard
21 - St Gallen (CH), Kugl
22 - Basel (CH), Kaserne
23 - Mattsee (A), Postkutsche (tbc)
24 - Wien (A), WUK
25 - Linz (A), Kapu

all dates still to be confired
21 - Hamburg, Waagenbau
26 - Dresden, Scheune
27 - Berlin, tbc
28 - München, tbc
30 - Münster, Skaters Palace
31 - Köln, Stadtgarten

21 - München, Backstage
23 - Braunschweig, Battle of the Year

Leak Brothers (Cage & Tame 1)
14 - Mönchengladbach, Projekt 42
15 - Zürich (CH), Dynamo
16 - St Gallen (CH), Bounce Pub
17 - Chur (CH), Kulturhaus
18 - Mattsee (A), Postkutsche
20 - Berlin, Knaack
23 - Bremen, Schlachthof Magazinkeller
24 - Braunschweig, Jolly Joker
25 - Oslo (N), Fabrikken
26 - Copenhagen (DK), Loppen

Bahamadia and guest Kev Brown
7 - Mainz, Red Cat
8 - München, Backstage
10 - Innsbruck (A), PMK
11 - Kiff (CH), Aarau
12 - Düsseldorf, Unique
13 - Amsterdam (NL), Melkweg
15 - Copenhagen (DK), MWB
16 - Berlin, Knaack
17 - Erlangen, E-Werk
18 - Praha (Cz), ITF
20 - Tübingen, Depot
21 - Paris (F), Nouveau Casino
22 - Kassel, Spot
23 - Dortmund, FZW
24 - Braunschweig, Jolly Joker
26 - Weinheim, Cafe Central

Other tours coming up
- Wordsworth, Apani and guests
- Planet Asia, Main Flow and DJ Fingaz
- Waxolutionists, Total Chaos
- Living Legends

September 06, 2004

some albums to check out...

Euphon "Euphonics"
This album really sounds like something from ten years ago. The group uses the same type of samples and the same type of aesthetics. But even when this sounds like a re-release from back then, the music is still good, still appeals today, and is worth your time. So listen and visit

Talia "Whispers Of The Wind"
Okay, some people probably consider this Feng Shui or esoteric music. Heck, it may be. And when you hear that Talia is actually only 13 years old, you might really wanna cover your ears. But in all its simplicity, there's actually something (kinda good) about these compositions. So listen to:

"African Underground Vol. 1 - Hip Hop Senegal"
There are many scholars that trace the roots of Rap back to Africa. This compilation goes to Africa, to show how rap is done on the Black Continent. More exactly to Senegal. And here Nomadic Wax find a lot of artists with a lot of things to say. Unfortunately however, too often in their own language, so you might struggle to understand their rhymes. Nevertheless, this is something you want to support and we hope that eventually every or at least more African countries get their chance to shine. Visit

Mark 1 "Audiosyncracies"
This guy is from Australia. Now Australia does a lot of good rap music. And many releases (also reviewed on showed and proved. Mark's album is easily one of them, as the proper beats, the proper rhymes and the proper guests (Sankofa, Manchild, Listener, Othello, Sev Statik, DJ Shortkut) make a good album. Released on the label Obese Records, who already gave us the last Hilltop Hoods album. And you know that was a good one. So go to

Hykoo & Osinaka "Rap Songs Meow"
You should know Osinaka from his production work on the excellent Puah Hedz album releases. He has now teamed up with Hykoo. And to tell you the truth, there's just something missing here. On first impression, the production by Osinaka is just not as enticing (if that's even a word) as it used to be. Then again, that's the first impression and what do they mean anyways? Right? So check this out yourself, support Australian Hip Hop and

Ginger Jackson "Ghetto-Bourgeouis"
R'n'B is in a poor state. Even in a worse state than Rap and that is truly messed up. That's why Ginger's album is even more a breath of fresh air. With influences that go from Soul, Rap to Jazz, she's couragous enough to re-interpret and re-write "My Favorite Things" (if my knowledge serves me right), to create one of the most exciting songs on here. But that's only one of many. And if anything, her voice does sound rather young. And only the sweeter for it. More information on and

Lost Cause "Paper Cuts"
We already listened to Angle on his album "Not Quite 90 In The Head" (read the review). He now returns as one half of Lost Cause (together with Aeon Grey). And while the album does have hints of outdated 'emo-hop', that's hints and not all that makes the album. Heck, it's a Soft Focus release, and Soft Focus is a severly un-heralded camp. So check the album and the website at

Outerspace "Blood And Ashes"
There's many reasons why to check out this album. Be it that they are from the Jedi Mind Tricks camp, that they are from the Army Of Pharaohs camp or be it that their old material has been good. We however like the reason that Jon Doe produced one of their songs. So, hop on over to and check out the album featuring Celph Titled, Sadat X, Vinnie Paz, 7L & Esoteric and Immortal Technique.

Thieves "You Hold The World Like A Gun"
This is excellent electronic music. Heck it shows how good blip hop or whatever that stuff is called, can be. So check and

Single Minded Pros "A Mixtape From Us To U"
The SMP's are good. Period. And this mixtape showcases some of their songs. So listen to stuff by Kool G Rap (the new single "You Know I'm Wit It", also available on 12"), Sean Price, Jay-Z, J-Zone, Earatik Statik, Binkis Recs and Pace Won. All mixed by DJ Rude One. More info at

Custom Made "LA State Of Mind"
There's more to LA's rap scene that meets the eye. Including this release that stylistically does but does not really fit what else is happening in LA. So if anything, complete the picture and check them out at

Sankofa "Boss Like A Six Pack"
He already returns with another album. 23 songs. In camp production and only few - related - guests (JON?DOE, Kashal-Tee, Agape, Cashmere and Spon). More news at eleven or at

The Horsemen "Sleepy Hollow"
I listened to this some time ago, but can not really remember what it sounded like. I dunno what that tells you about the record too. Nevertheless it didn't strike me as wack - what nowadays is a very good sign. So check the record and the website at

Celsius "Kickin It To Hell N Back"
Again something from Australia, and another winner. This is in many ways hard, in many ways old schoool and in all ways good. Heck, they even resurface an Roland 808 for the song "Programme The 808". Now that's dedication. Listen to it, like it and visit at

Dopestyle 1231 "KutMasta Kurt presents Dopestyle 1231"
There should be more hype about this record. Why? Because it's good, that's why. Sure, the rapper is not the best on the planet, and the producer borrows a lot from Rubberoom who have borrowed a lot from Brit Core. So what? It's good. Listen to it at

"Crude Conception"
This is a compilation featuring an ecclectic number of ecclectic artists. So we find Maker, ShelShock, k-the-I????, Cills, Maliks and other people you probably even know less than these folks. But some of the stuff on here is not just good, it's really, really good. And the artwork is outworldly too. So log on to and

Des Homiz Capables "Juskobou"
You know French? Well, if yes, you'll understand what they say. If not, you'll not. Then you'll have to listen to the beats, and they are often very commercial and mainstream. Heck, it was only a matter of time before the first artists like this will surface in Switzerland. But this is still a matter of 'Support Swiss Rap', so support it. Even if you're not Swiss. Check

more articles...and good music.

okay, I will give you many links to articles you might want to read/share/discuss. they are severly biased, picked by an obviously smug and elitist european who puts his nose where it does not belong. that out of the way, read "Bush's National Guard File Missing Records". and remember: those veterans in the advertisement lied.
Also, read this article "Why Vote: A Compelling Arguement Paris", by Paris (obviously). when asked to participate in the previously mentioned 'why vote?' thingy we here are currently collecting, he pointed us in the direction of that article. so read it now. and visit his website for a many, many interesting articles, and good music too.
Speaking of good music, we can not emphasise enough how good Thaione Davis' "Situation Renaissance" EP (on Birthwrite) is. So check that damn thing. And check the video to the song "The Connection". Click this link.

Universal Music Rap & R'n'B Release Dates

I know you guys like release dates. Well, here are some Universal Music release dates. But note, they are for Switzerland (and Europe, I guess). So who knows what they are going to be for you guys in the States, Asia, Australia and all those other across big ponds places.

13. September - Nelly: two new separate albums: "Sweat" and "Suit"
20. September - Culcha Candela "Union Verdadera"
20. September - Lil' Romeo "Romeoland"
27. September - Various Artists "Shark Tale OST"
27.September - Shawna "Worth Tha Weight"

04. October - Jay-Z "Streets Is Watching" DVD
04. October - Talib Kweli "The Beautiful Struggle" (by the way, that Talib mixcd is dope)
11. October - Mos Def "The New Danger"
11.October - Jay-Z & R Kelly "The Best Of Both Worlds (Re release)" (why? WHY??? WHYYY???)
18. October - Redman "Red Gone Wild" (by the way, that Redman mixcd is not so dope)
18. October - Bushido "TBA"
25.October - Beanie Sigel "The B Coming"

08. November - Ja Rule "R.U.L.E."
15. November - Ludacris "The Red Light District"
15. November - Eminem "Encore"
15. November - The Black Eyed Peas "Monkey Business"
15. November - Ashanti "TBA"
15. November - Snoop Dogg "R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta), The Masterpiece"
22. November - Biggie Smalls "Duets"
22. November - Gwen Stefani "TBA"
Q-Tip New Solo Album
Mariah Carey New Album
Jay-Z "Greatest Hits"

September 05, 2004

in other news...

me - tadah - I am a political person. and I'm not someone that shuts up about it. so every now and then you'll find something political on here. be it a link to an article or a frustrated rant or a book review or whatever.
heck, actually as we speek, I'm currently collecting the stance on voting of some of your favorite artists. that's still in the works, but coming soon.
in the mean time, let me share you three articles that I've found. the first one is going under the label of 'oh, how convenient', "Official: U.S. Capture of bin Laden Close how convenient" the second is just for the people that are interested in political things like this: "Changing Electoral College Not Likely". and finally the third, well, the third is just kinda...cynical? "Bush Confident of Vote Systems' Integrity"

Newswrapup September 5th, 2004

New Movie: Hair Show
There’s a new movie for you to take your date to. It’s called “Hair Show”, stars Mo'Nique, Kellita Smith, Joe Torry, Gina Torres and Taraji P. Henson, with special appearances by Serena Williams and Vivica A. Fox. Opening on the 15th of October, the story’s about Peaches (Mo'Nique), a hair stylist from Baltimore, and her estranged sister, Angela (Kellita Smith), the owner of an upscale salon in Beverly Hills. They get reacquainted when Peaches decides to attend a celebration for Angela in L.A. The reunion is bittersweet and worsens when Angela finds out that Peaches is on the run from the IRS and has only a few days to pay $50,000 in back taxes.You can watch the trailer here Lo Fi Hi Fi and go the website

Tru Reign Records (home of A.D.O.R., you know the "Let It All Hang Out" guy, read a review) has produced a 30 minute special on A.D.O.R. that includes an interview and all his videos. This show will run in different markets beginning in October. It however will also be available in its entirety at soon.

Wordsworth album "Mirror Music"
Don't miss the Wordsworth album "Mirror Music" coming out on Halftooth. It will feature the single tracks "Gotta Pay" and "Trust" (read the review) but 18 more songs, including contributions by Masta Ace, Punchline, Kenn Starr, Oddisee, Ayatollah, Da Beatminerz, Sebb, Belief and many more.

Press Release: Saul Williams self-titled LP out this fall.
As one of the world's most recognized poets as well as a rising actor and a highly acclaimed musician. In the music world, Saul made noise with sometracks in the mid to late 90's on the "Eargasm" and "Lyricist Lounge" compilations, to name a few. The songs he released during this time periodwere grounded in hip-hop but were a far cry from the traditional rap that was gaining popularity at the time. He released 2001's "Amethyst Rockstar", which was co-produced by Rick Rubin and won him critical acclaim all overthe world (The Times of London named it best album of the year), leading to him touring with Blackalicious, Cursive and The Mars Volta.
On September 21st, The Fader Label will release his latest album, simply titled "Saul Williams". In Saul's own words, "the tracks range from politics to relationships to the politics of relationships. What I ended up with was something that captured the authoritative cool of hip- hop, the playful angst of rock and roll, the raw emotional torment of emo and the fuckoffness of punk." He adds, "If it has the power to make a nation nod their heads then it can help society change it's face."
Listen to the track "List Of Demands (Reparations)"

Alchemist video "Hold You Down"
The song is from the forthcoming "1stInfantry" album, which will be released on 9-21-04. Windows Media Hi Fi Lo Fi
Real Audio Hi Fi Lo Fi

Press Release: Ali Shaheed Muhammadbrings Garden Seekers Productionsto Penalty Recordings / Ryko
August 9, NY, NY - Penalty Recordings/Ryko sign worldwide deal with the legendary artist Ali Shaheed Muhammad through his Garden Seekers Productions.
Ali Shaheed Muhammad is a founding member of the most influential hip-hop act of the 90's, A Tribe Called Quest. ATCQ created and perfected the hip-hop alternative to hardcore and gansta rap. They were a major force in the urban music, known for their groundbreaking jazz-rap revolution and expressive conscious views. Their music, based around laid-back samples, managed to cross over to the alternative crowd with startling live performances; most notably the 1993 Lollapalooza tour, HOB's Smokin' Grooves tour and the Tibetan Freedom festival.
ATCQ disbanded in 1998 and Ali quickly reinvented himself as one of the founding members of the Hip-hop/soul super-group Lucy Pearl. The band consisted of the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Raphael Saadiq and then ex-En Vogue member Dawn Robinson.
"We're extremely excited to have Ali join our family and look forward to helping bring his vision to the forefront. Working with Ali, Mike Jones and Monica Talavera from Garden Seekers Productions is going to be a real musical journey for us" says Neil Levine, President of Penalty Recordings.
"Arthur Mann and Neil Levine are respected icons within the music business," says Ali, "I am inspired by what they have achieved and am eager to learn from their experiences. My Garden Seeker Productions family and I are ecstatic about the new partnership. We plan to turn the heat up with Penalty by our side. Lookout. 'Elevated Orange' baby."
Ali, always a student of music, has shied away from the use of samples and has implemented the use of self performed live instrumentation by way of guitar, bass, and wood-shedding on the keyboard. Ali's new direction has allowed for even more creativity. The collaboration of like minded artists whose instrumentation helped give birth to "Shaheedullah & Stereotypes" which is due to hit stores in October.

New Tableturns single with all star lineup
Tableturns has released its latest single featuring Rob Swift, Large Professor, Akinyele, Dr. Butcher, and Invisible. Check their website at:

Brick Records: three strikes and you're
Brick will release three albums within the next couple, and considering what they are, we're in for some treats. First there'll be (or is) Insight ( and "The Blast Radius", featuring Inisight beats and appearances by Edan, A.G. and Edo G. (And the record is really good, by the way). Then there will be Main Flow with his album "Hip Hopulation" and contributions by Talib Kweli, Hi-Tek, Black Thought, J.Rawls, Defari, Planet Asia, Killah Priest, Dante of Mood, DJ Vin ROc, 7L & Esoteric, eLone, Masta Fuol, Mikah 9, Soulstice, Medusa and special commentary from Raekwon and David Blaine. And finally, there's the Odd Couples album "Alcohol/Ism". And if you wonder who the Odd Couples are, that's louis logic, J-Love and the Avid Record Collector.

personal message from tadah

you might wonder what happened to the last four weeks. well, I've been on the road. and on the road, I don't update

just in case you wonder where I was: I was in New York City for a week, where louis logic was kind enough to let me crash at his place. and speaking of louis, make sure to pick up his new non-album "Blame It On The Hooch", now available everywhere, and of course excellent.

after that I flew down to Orlando to stay with DJ Fisher of Domination Recordings. I was there for Hurricane Charley too, so I can say: I survived Hurricane Charley. wow.

if you do wanna see what the hurricane did do, and if you wanna look at other pictures that I took while over there, then go to Clerestory for some photographs (in the places and things sections. but there's also some new photographs in the people section; photos I took of louis logic, DJ Fisher, Majik Most, DutchMassive and Conshus and Tzarizm of Urban Jungle Empire)

we are of course working on new content for the website and should have some interviews, reviews and articles to go very soon.

in the mean time, thanks for checking the site and this blogger thing here. hope you guys had a good August.

I.T. (Infinito 2017 and Thaione Davis) to release debut album "Low Income Housing" on Domination Recordings.

Domination Records Press Release:
In less then two days in the spring of 2004 Infinito (2017) and Thaione Davis came together to form I.T. an idea of original HIP HOP production and on point lyricism duo. Infinito on the lyrics, who hails from the wild 100’s of the south side of Chicago and Thaione Davis on production and guest vocals, from Princeton Park area also on the south side has created a funky, soulful, reggae, blues inspired, jazzy concept called Low Income Housing. I.T. (Infinito and Thaione) is the creative dimension of what Hip-Hop music is. This tandem of like minds from the boom bap era of hip-hop formulated I.T. at WHPK (the pride of the south side 88.5) after one answer to a question? "Lets just do this!" Low Income Housing teaches, informs, entertains, and bumps with soul and sampled quality needed in hip hop today. This is the south side of Chicago to the fullest. Look for more from I.T. in the near future.

Look for the "Low Income Housing" album in stores later this month!

Culturama Vancouver Cancelled, Burn Hollywood Burn?

Culturama Press Release:
While, the Culturama Rap Music Video Festival may be screened at the Vancouver International Hip-Hop Film Festival, creator and presenter Peter Agoston will not be in attendance for any of the screenings or his scheduled Sunday evening panel discussion. We're truly saddened to deliver this message, as we hoped to be in attendance for this event. There were complications beyond our own personal control that prevented the appearance at this festival, if you paid money to see the Culturama Rap Music Video Festival and it was not screened please email us and we'll enlighten you further. Thanks for your understanding and again we apologize ourselves for the untimely manner this event was organized.

In just two weeks! We return to L.A.! The Culturama Rap Music Video Festival3rd Anniversary Screening!
Friday, Sept. 17th
Lemmlee Theatre
7907 Beverly Blvd. (on the corner of Fairfax/Beverly Blvd.)
*Down the street from Fat Beats on Melrose Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
*Special Pre-Show Meet, Greet, Drink:The Dime442 North Fairfax Ave. (b/w Melrose & Beverly Blvd.)
9pm-MidniteFriday, Sept. 17th

Start spreading the news if you're in the greater L.A. area, should be a really good show, with lots of Rap guests, surprises and exclusive merchandise for that show only!